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Prevent spam when unregistered users are allowed to post

  • manager2


    I allowed unregistered users to post on my website, and everything worked fine for a few days, but then the bbpress forum and comments started to get filled with apparently non-add posts, but all look alike.

    I protected comments with Math Plugin, but for bbpress I only found anti-spam on registration, not for posts made by unregistered users.

    I don’t want to restrict posts to registered users only, but want to use a capcha system or question-answer.

    Please suggest something that adds one more field for security when posting in bbpress as anonimous

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  • manager2


    I am referring to bbpress plugin for WordPress

    None of the security plugins work for bbpress plugin of WordPress

    Please help, I cannot stop spam!!!!



    Doesn’t bbPress 2.0 have integration with the Akismet plugin for WordPress, which would then be allowed to check and mark the spam comments?



    I want security in posts not comments, for WordPress I have the math plugin that stops comments, put bbpress plugin behaves separate.

    Anyway, maybe I do not understand well, I have Akismet on and doesn’t stop bots posting everyday on bb forum.

    This is my website if you want to check:

    Or could I refuse posts with links? Just not working submit button if links, no other complication with error messages or guidance to the user.



    Did you install the beta in the WordPress repository? Or the RC1 from the trac?

    I’m not sure, but I think only the latter has the Akismet intergration.



    bbpress version 2.0-beta-2b

    I can only see a Forum link in the dashboard, a page with just a few settings of bbpress, none about spam, plugins, Akismet, or advanced settings.

    John James Jacoby


    @manager2 – Update to a newer beta, it has Akismet baked in. It uses the existing WordPress Akismet plugin and the same API key.



    Thanks, John! You where right! I was reluctant to update from beta 2 to beta 3 because i customized interface.

    I consider there are too many fields, too big avatar, and too much info displayed, making the forum bulky and weird.

    Anyway, after I’ve updated it works. The forum shows that some names posted but their posts don’t display, and Akismet spam total grows. Maybe when I eliminated fields and info from interface I removed Akismet code, or Akismet is integrated only now.

    Thanks a lot!

    John, every time I look for help here, I find out you’re on top of it. Baked in indeed! That’s just what I hoped to hear. My forum has a high bounce rate because nobody wants to register. After reading this I switched the mandatory registration off. Thanks again!

    John James Jacoby


    Let us know how it works. :)

    In the future I’ll look into adhering to the WordPress Discussion settings for restricting comments too.

    It’s hard to know for sure how a service like Akismet is working. I can look at stats, but I can’t examine the rejected posts. All I can say is, there is no spam.

    Anyone here is welcome to test the (v2.0-beta-3b) forum using Akismet. Try to spam it. :-)

    In the future I’ll look into adhering to the WordPress Discussion settings for restricting comments too.

    Yeah, I’m gonna need that too ;)

    Akismet’s great for spam (yay!) but keepin’ out the troublemakers…

    I found an unusual spam in the forum today. It surprised me that Akismet missed it. It was also the first time I noticed the user could create his own topic tag. It might be nice to disable that feature. How?

    Once these buggers found out they could create tags, their numbers increased. Since deleting the bogus tags is a manual operation, and since nobody used the forum anyway, I had to shut it down.

    Suddenly my site is malfunctioning in strange ways. My posts are all disconnected from the style sheet, although the home page looks fine. I’m off to find out what’s wrong now.

    EddieG, resave permalinks.

    Thanks. That brought my posts back.

    Three weeks ago I set out to test bbPress with Akismet. Here is what I found.

    – Akismet requires manual spam deletion under all circumstances

    – Akismet cannot block by IP

    – Akismet cannot prevent users from creating tags in bbPress. All bogus tags must be removed manually. It is not clear to me why users are allowed to create tags to begin with.

    I took a fit this AM and turned off both WP Comments and bbPress. All I really want to do is create content. However, there is another part of me that is not ready to be directed by cockroaches.

    I am wondering if Spammer Blocker will play well with Akismet. I am also wondering if there are other worthwhile strategies I have not yet found.


    My website caches all spam after updating bbpress plugin for wordpress(I am not talking about independent bbpress).

    I had to click spam on posts like you say before I updated, but now it works briliant.

    OK. For the time being Akismet is out and Spam Free WordPress is in. Spammer Blocker is sidelined.

    – It offers unattended removal of machine-generated spam

    – It offers an IP blacklist

    If It works for Comments I’ll turn bbPress back on.

    I’ll let you know what happens.

    Akismet cannot block by IP – That’s not Akismet, YOU can block by IP in Discussion settings (but those are NOT filtered down to bbPress right now, which means I have to hold off).

    Thank you for this. I didn’t know I could block by IP at all, any way at all, without a plugin.

    Testing “Spam Free WordPress” now. At first glance it is effortless, automatic and accurate. I may soon test it on bbPress. :-)

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