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Plugin to share via social networking sites

  • Howdy,

    It doesn’t look like bbPress has an extensive library of plugins like Word Press. Is this really the best option for forums or should I consider Simple Press, which is what others recommend.

    Also, does anyone know of a plugin that allows people to share posts via other social networking sites? Thanks all.

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  • Simple Press Sucks

    BBPress is too young at this point for it to be a permanent solution

    Vanilla is too unstable to be a permanent solution

    VBulletin is too clunky

    Esotalk got abandoned.


    I wish the WP-Forum worked on WordPress 2.8 then I would be a happy camper

    It doesn’t look like bbPress has an extensive library of plugins like Word Press.

    bbPress JUST went live with the 1.x version. So yeah, there are few plugins. It’s a baby.

    Best is subjective. What do you need out of a forum? :)

    I have used PHPBB and that is a pretty robust service. But I liked having something integrated. BBPress works okay for now.

    I am looking for a plugin that will allow someone to share posts on my forum via social networking sites. WordPress has tons of them. Anyone found one for BBPress yet?

    Hi smf, I tested Simple forums (I also tested Joomla with Kunena and ccborad, and phbb, and Vanilla).

    In the end, I am settling for bbPress for forums because I need single-user sign on with my content system, and I settled on wordpress for that (Joomla was too slow and I wanted a very fast, responsive site).

    So if you need forum integration with something, you have more factors to consider than just the forum software itself.

    Simple Forums does provide single-user signon with WordPress, but it’s UGLY and there are no good-looking themes. That said, simpleForums is a highly functional forum system and seamless integration with both user and menu-system.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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