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Plugin: BB-Ads

  • wittmania


    This is my first attempt at a plugin, so be gentle! :)

    This plugin allows you to display custom ads/messages anywhere on your site, including the front page, profile pages, forum pages, and even between posts.

    The plugin randomly selects a file from a pre-determined directory, or you can specify a specific file to display. File types include .php, .html, .htm, or you can add custom file types as needed.

    The files themselves can include links, images, PHP functions, and CSS stylization. You can customize the ads/messages however you want.

    You can get the 0.1 version here:

    PLEASE feel free to let me know if you find any bugs. I’m also extremely open to suggestions for future revisions, as my PHP skills are only slightly better than my bow hunting skills, which are pretty pathetic.


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  • fel64


    That’s pretty cool. Are there screenshots, is there anywhere running it so we can see what it’s like?

    You’ve submitted it to the plugin db too, haven’t you? :)



    Screenshots here:

    An ad between posts on a topic page:

    An ad on the front page, text-only (w/ CSS):

    An ad on a Forum page, with an image in it:

    I don’t have it up and running on my own forum yet b/c I am still building the ads for it. I haven’t submitted it yet, but I’ll look into how to do that right away.



    UPDATE: The sample ad file now includes the code necessary to display different ads based on the context. For example, if it is a topics page, it will display one ad and if it is a forum page, it will display a different one.

    The code is something like this:

    if ( strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'topic.php') ) { ?>
    <div>An ad for a topics/posts page</div>
    } elseif { another specific page;
    } else { default ad;
    } ?>

    The sample file includes elseif checks for topic.php, forum.php, profile.php, and a “default” if none of the above pages are detected.

    This would allow you to have one file per sponsor/advertiser, with a different context-based ad for each situation.

    I have launched an “Area 51” forum to test and display the effects of my plugins. You can see bb-Ads in action here:

    Also, I have now tested this plugin with pretty links, and it does work. The only changes to be made in the coding as given in ad1.php is that you have to delete the .php from the strpos check. This will just look for the words in the link instead of the actual .php file names.


    wittmania, i installed your plugin. it works well with php or html formated ads but it crushed my .gif ads.. basically i followed all your instructions.. hmm… i added this line in bb-ads.php –>

    $extList = ‘image/gif’;

    $extList = ‘image/jpeg’;

    $extList = ‘image/png’;

    so, how do i fix it?

    the ads shows up something like this —>

    GIF87a�����������f��f��0�����p������pp������� �����������fff��f��3������� @���@f����0��P������f3�����p���@�0�� ����p�����P�p��P�� �̙�p@�������ffp�33f��pp���f3p������f��00����33�@@



    Great job, what else need to be version 1.0 ?




    Thanks I am using this for my website however the ad is displayed only once after the third post .

    I wantes something like this









    and so on… how to achieve this

    Is this thing alive?

    I’m still deciding between bbPress, Vanilla and SMF. . .

    Advertising is extremely important to me though.



    Is this thing alive?

    According to the last post no. Try to contact the plugin dev but I don’t think that he is still interested in updating his work.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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