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  • bbPress is sooooo great – the board of my dreams, but without Caching-Plugin its nearly useless for me because its soooooooooooo slow. Are there any major tips to improve the performance? Or is someone just working on a Caching-Plugin?

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  • What are your server specs and how big is your forum?

    No posts, no plugins and no customizations. Just a clean install.

    No idea about the server, I simply compared the loadtimes of several php-boards.

    Can you share those results? I’m curious, since I found it to run faster than phpBB and IPB (though anything runs faster than IPB…)



    Install the bb-benchmark plugin and look at what’s slowing you down.

    If your host uses NFS storage, bbPress will be slow but there are other possibilities like a plugin misbehaving (since you aren’t using any, I suspect it’s NFS)

    _ck_ could be right about NFS. Also, bbPress does a few extra MySQL queries which seem redundant, but speed things up when you actually have posts in there.

    It’s hard to tell what you mean by “slow” when there is no quantitative information to go by.

    Let us know who your webhost is as well.



    How about posting a URL?

    Footer tells me: 0.397 seconds – but thats relative. I will change host and server when I publish the board. I just know 4 other boards that are faster on my server right now. So its not exactly beeing about “slow” – Its about making it faster. Perhaps with Caching because my board will have 90% passive readers/guests who can wait a few minutes for updates and should not slow it down.

    But thanks. Looks like there arent any tipps or a caching-plugin. To bad, bbPress would be really great.


    Punbb: 200ms

    Vbulletin: 200ms

    Minibb: 300ms

    Seoboard: 400ms

    BBpress: 500ms

    Phpbb: 500ms

    Vanilla: 600ms


    What version of bbPress are you using?

    The one i found under Downloads: “The latest stable version of bbPress is “Bechet” version 1.0:”

    Between your first post and your last I released version 1.0, so unless you upgraded you are using the previous release candidate (1.0-RC-3) or the previous stable version (0.9).

    The version is stated in the visible footer of the admin area.

    Also, you can’t really tell how fast each forum is when they are all empty. You need to insert some data in there to get a real idea.



    500ms on a empty bbPress install hints at NFS

    SMF would probably be fastest on your current server as it uses 13 files to generate the front-page vs well over 100 files for bbPress 1.0

    vs well over 100 files for bbPress 1.0

    To be pedantic, I count 61 files without any plugins active on the front-page. Still not great for NFS.

    Testet 0.9, Rc3 and 1.0..

    Asked my hoster about NFS, they said no..

    But ok.. ill give it a try. Thank you very much!

    cough cough, an output cache would be awesome, cough cough



    I’m curious how much faster 0.9 would be on your host but it’s not important.

    What you do need to do is install bb-benchmark and find out where exactly the slow down is. A flat summary for the page is not helpful at all.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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