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Pagination Issues, posts not showing up

  • relishstudio


    Maybe this will help someone else who is having problems with forum pagination not working right and/or replies that don’t seem to show up…

    A client was reporting that some forum replies were taking hours to a day or more to appear in some topics on the website. I was able to confirm this by mirroring the site to my localhost; I could see the replies in the administrative section but they weren’t showing up on the front end of the site, and would only show up if I posted a bunch of additional replies to trigger a new page. It only happened on topics that reached the point of needing additional pages, and whatever value I set for replies-per-page in the settings had no effect. After debugging the BBPress query object, I noticed that the “posts_per_page” values were different from the settings I had configured for BBPress.

    I did a site-wide file search for the string “posts_per_page” and saw that the theme (Salient from Themeforest) had a function in functions.php that had added a filter for “pre_get_posts” and was hardcoding the “posts_per_page” variable to 12, which is the value I saw when dumping the BBPress query object. Once I set the BBPress replies-per-page setting to that value (12), pagination seemed to work and posts were showing up.

    Anyway… maybe this will help someone else with the same issue with their debugging.

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  • Robkk


    Thanks for sharing , if you havent already contact the theme author so that it wont happen to future users of both bbPress and the Salient theme.



    i can not thank you enough for your answer it is a major bug in salient theme which leads pagination not working even if value is set via admin setting.

    Thank’s a lot.

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