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only one forum – please help

  • Hi Everyone

    bbPress is great. I love it and I appreciate every bit of effort put into it.

    I am setting a new site which has only one, single forum in it.

    My goal is to have the main/home page show the same view as if I would select a specific forum from a multiple-forums website (stickies on top, marked in color….)

    My first idea was to replace front-page.php with forum.php (copy & rename), and add the following code:

    <?php $forum_id=”1″; ?> right after <?php bb_get_header(); ?>.

    This does create the appearance of a single forum, but in a different presentation. for example, sticky topics are sorted with all other topics by date, and are not forced to the first lines in the topics table.

    I would really really really appreciate any help or directions I can get.

    Thanks a lot !


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  • it took me a while to achieve this but it wasn’t too tough. see here:

    i stripped most of the content out of front-page.php and put in an immediate redirect to forum.php

    try it – it works fine for me, no complaints from users either.

    Hi Circuit

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    May I ask for some coding directions?

    What does your front-page.php look like now?

    Will you be willing to email it to me (moshe100s at gmail dot com) or to post it in reply?

    Thanks again !


    Hi Again

    Can someone kindly provide an example how to immediately redirect to a specific forum from the front page?

    I would really appreciate any help here !!!



    I, too, would find an example of that page code phenomenally helpful…



    You could just replace the contents of your template’s front-page.php with this code to redirect the visitor:

    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

    Just change to the URL where you want people to end up.

    Holy crap! It’s like magic! That is fantastic. Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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