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new website doesn't work properly

  • ghiboz


    Hi all!

    I’m happy to see the new appareance of bbPress like wordpres, but I can’t reach to download the plugins…

    also to you? thanks

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    And the link to the forums in the menu bar suffers from the old breadcrumbs bug (yay for testing). It tries to link to “” which redirects to “” which obviously isn’t real.

    Gautam Gupta


    It was uploaded a just few hours ago, so we must wait some time until everything becomes fine.



    Perhaps making the green on top of the site one color green (instead of the gradient)?

    Other than that, looks great. :)

    Rich Pedley


    Just had to rejoin as I was unable to reset my password. I receive a link, but on going to the page it says i can’t reset it.

    additionally I couldn’t find a link to the register page: I had to guess where it was.

    So the forums may be a tad quiet until those issues are fixed.

    And the link to the forums in the menu bar suffers from the old breadcrumbs bug (yay for testing). It tries to link to “” which redirects to “” which obviously isn’t real.

    The problem is that the link for the forums is <li><a class="current" href="forums/">Forums</a></li>

    It should be <li><a class="current" href="/forums">Forums</a></li> instead :)



    Well, had just a problem logging in with my “old” login data. After 3rd or 4th try it worked for me. But i often get a white screen when clicking on links around this page. Hope someone fixes this soon. I like the new look. :)



    new design of is… ugly

    i need to find big glasses to read this small text?


    Fernando Tellado


    Same problem here :(

    I cannot login in plugins page and don’t see the download link

    I’ve just posted a new topic which was marked as spam, and as such is only visible to me.

    I had added a link to the post, maybe that’s the why…. don’t think so, I just tried re posting with out the link.

    Plugins page, logging in, header links should all work.

    The “join” link next to the login form now works.




    Thanks for making 2.0 happen Michael !

    I just fixed a few bugs. Thank Sam, Matt and Noël :)



    This is interesting, the buzzing bee doesn’t show up in any browser but Chrome and Safari for me.

    Maybe a CSS3 rule of some kind.

    Ah okay maybe it’s the z-index, foreground image overlapping the rear.

    Hmm, I can’t quite figure out the issue.

    Does anyone in Firefox see this in the header:



    Firefox 3.6.3 Windows 7

    No bee.

    I can’t find bborg-banner-background.gif in the css.



    I found the bug, they need to change this rule

    in /common-theme/style.css



    go to the end of the rule and change

    scroll bottom 180px;}


    scroll 180px bottom;}

    problem solved

    He has X/Y reversed.



    Oh and the font-size on the forum can be fixed by adding this to the end of the stylesheet.

    body {font-size:100% !important;}

    Everything scales because of the CSS reset and tests well in stylish for me as I can now read everything without squinting.

    Ashish Kumar (Ashfame)


    Also the profile page, edit profile page and favorites page need attention.

    Profile page lists recent replies and topics started twice.

    Other two need some CSS styling

    Ashish Kumar (Ashfame)


    Also the subscription link is not present in this theme.

Viewing 19 replies - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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