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New post indicators are not working, at all

  • bramruiter1


    Is this thing on? Great.

    I’m currently updating my forum to a newer bbPress version and a nicer looking theme. Everything was going fine until I bumped into a few plug-in issues. I have searched the forums and came across this topic, which seems to mark my problem but never gets resolved.

    A recap: I have used the _ck_ plug-in Unread Posts on bbPress and it worked well. I had a bug once in a while (with a topic staying unread, even though I have read it), but it did it’s work properly. When there was a new post, the title of that particular topic went bold. When I clicked on it, the link would lead me to the post which was my last read post. And when I got back to the frontpage, it stopped being bold.

    Now I have downloaded the Unread Post plug-in again and installed it on bbPress Version 1.0.2 for my new forum. Result: the topics stay unread until I logout and the bold titles don’t take me to the last read post.

    So I’ve tried the earlier version by fel64. Indicate New Post doesn’t do anything either. It mimics Unread Post’s bugs.

    Unread topics on the other hand trashed my front-page and won’t take me anywhere since topics does not have an URL like this<div id=.

    I’m really lost here, since these are unresolved problems everywhere I look.

    Could someone please help me out? Please?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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