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Multiple language bbpress installation in a single wordpress mu installation

  • jomontvm


    I have already installed wordpress mu with bbpress English version. Now I want to have a forum with Arabic interface under the same installation of wordpress mu.

    – I want to share data between English and Arabic forums (only want to have different interface – language). Means, I want to show topics or categories created under English, in Arabic forum also. Only change of language must be for the interface.

    – I want to share users table between English and Arabic. That is, a user logged in from English should be in logged in state when he go to Arabic forum.

    Here are my questions

    Should I install Arabic version of bbpress under wordpress mu for the above requirement?

    Is there an Arabic version available?

    Should I do anything extra for sharing data and users table?

    Please suggest me how can I do it.



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  • jomontvm


    How can I get the corresponding Arabic version of bbpress 1.0.2?

    And can I install both English and Arabic versions of bbpress under a single installation of wordpress mu with the database shared?

    Anyone please advice..

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