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Misconception about Tags

  • planetphillip



    This is not a support question but more of a “something to consider” point.

    A member of my forum recently confused Tags (keywords) and Tags HTML tags). Now I know it’s too late to rename the keywords versions around the world, but whats the best way for me to do it on my forum?

    I’d also like to hear if anybody has a better name than keyword or if they have also encountered this issue.

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  • talkaboutdesign


    I think Tag’s is pretty standard if you ask me. By now everyone should be familiar with this. Most sites lets you tag your content. Example, Flickr.

    For Italian localization I used the word “Marcatori” for HTML tags, thinking about the meaning of HTML where M stay for markup. I think in english the Markers words can be used as well… what do you think ? For Tags an alternative words could be KeyWords even if actually Tags is widly used for the scope tags are used in bbPress.



    The only thing that i noticed is that the search doesn’t really work on tags.



    I agree that tag’s are pretty standard that’s why I said it was too late to change it.

    Interesting to know that the search doesn’t work on the tags. OF course it doesn’t really need to when you can simply click on each tag to find the relevant posts!

    I’ll probaly edit my forum to clearly state HTML tags.



    I think in the create a topic form, using the work Tags for both tags and HTML markup is confusing.

    In the next version of bbPress, the default templates will say:

    “Allowed markup: a em …”


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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