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Minimum Needs in a Host

  • I learned from a search on The WordPress forums that my “Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted” can be addressed via an edit of php.ini. However I don’t think that is an option as I’m on a shared server and it is pre set and the host won’t budge.

    Additionally I also learned they are running a very old version of php and have no plans of upgrading.

    So I think it will be time to make a change.

    I lack the experience and ability to have a broader view as to what my needs are and will be regarding seeking a new host and would like some guidance from people not only more experienced but with an eye to the future development of bbpress and wordpress.

    In short, what minimum features should I be looking for, who do you recommend, and what should I pay? I will need a company with good tech support as I’m a dog trainer first and site manager second and that’s a really distant second. It wouldn’t be possible at all without the assistance these forums provide.


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  • chrishajer



    MySQL 4.0 ( I would look for 5.x for futureproofing)

    PHP 4.2 ( Again, I would look for 5.x here)

    Apache with mod_rewrite

    That’s all your host needs to offer. I would expect to pay less than $10/month. It might be a lot less if the host does not offer shell access (just FTP.)

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