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map POST number to each user after IMPORT not working

  • arathra


    I installed bbpress 2.5.8 and then imported an old forum from Kunena 1. This had about 10,000 posts and some 42,000 users.

    I then set each user as a PARTICIPANT.

    However, the majority of these users are spam and I’d like to get rid of them. The simplest way I thought would be to get rid of those who have never made a post.

    I thought if I used the tool COUNT TOPICS FOR EACH USER and COUNT REPLIES FOR EACH USER it would show a number next to each user and then I could simply delete all those users who’d never posted anything. However, ALL users remain at 0 posts despite the fact that some of them have most certainly posted.

    Is there a way to update the number of posts a user has made so I can definitively remove those with zero posts?


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