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Manage Subscriptions?

  • jrb9406


    I am developing a site with multiple forums. I’d like users to be able to subscribe to forums that they’re interested in after they register. I’d also like them to be able to manage their subscriptions from the profile page. Right now, you have to visit the forum to subscribe to it. I’d like to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe to each individual forum all from one page.

    Is this a plugin somewhere that I just haven’t found? Seems like a useful function.


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  • Robkk


    Subscribing to forums after registration is custom development for now. You may need to hire a developer to create this for you.

    You already have an area in your profile.





    I’ve been working on some code to do this. I just figured someone might have thought of developing a plugin for it.

    I haven’t done html coding in 15 years, and I’m just picking up css and php. I guess it’s a learning experience.



    Sorry, I don’t mean to bump, but does anyone know where I could start? I know the page for each forum has a subscribe/unsubscribe button that I’m basically looking to replicate.

    I figured out that bbpress makes a link to subscribe/unsubscribe from forums, and depending on whether the user is already subscribed, bbpress shows the appropriate link. Where I’m having trouble is how to determine if the user is subscribed to a forum, and getting the link to update accordingly.

    I’m not looking for someone to do this for me for free. I’m just looking for some direction on where to look/what to try. Thanks in advance.



    @jrb9406 , I will use my forum as an example. Notice that the link address for the “subscribe” link on my bootloader article forum ( ends in ?action=bbp_subscribe&forum_id=517&_wpnonce=120c4cdb3d. So, to start your code, you need to get a list of forum IDs and the name of the forum for a particular ID. Then, you can list forum names and use their ID for the subscription. Obviously, action=bbp_subscribe calls the subscribe function/code. However, I am not sure about the _wpnonce=120c4cdb3d.

    I hope that gives you a good start.


    If still of interest, check out bbP Manage Subscriptions.




    How can I mass unsubscribe all users from bbpress forums at one time? I have Subscribe all user automatically off.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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