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  • englishlangprof


    Woah! Total newbie. Have wordpress installed on my host at I have installed various plugins. But it looks like bbPress is NOT a plugin. I cannot understand any of the install instructions. I need to upload it to my host, but where do I put it? All the other things I have put into my wp/plugins. I have been looking but the instructions are way over my head. Any tips?


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  • bbPress is NOT a plugin, it’s a separate application that can be integrated with WordPress.

    Follow these directions to install bbPress.

    If you want to integrate bbPress and WordPress, note that if you are using WP 2.6+, you must use the ALPHA build of bbPress. During your install process, you will be asked about server settings. Tell bbPress to point to the same DB you used for WordPress (don’t worry, it won’t overwrite anything, but do make a backup anyway to be safe).

    The Basic Integration Screencast should help you some.

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