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Just wanted to offer thanks to the creators of BBpress 2.0

  • aravoth2011


    Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for creating this plugin. The possibilities with it are only limited by a persons skill with php, and of course, their imagination.

    Using this plugin, and attempting to build a website around it has dramatically increased my understanding of WordPress, PHP, and everything in between. Before I started tinkering around with this thing I didn’t even know what an array was, nor did I have the slightest understanding of loops, queries, actions, or functions. If I needed something on my website, I used plugins, which often slowed everything down quite a bit and created a ton of conflicts. Now I’m not only designing the website I wanted, but I’m understanding it’s architecture.

    Though I am a long way from finishing it, I feel like I actually have the ability complete it on my own, which never would have happened without this plugin.

    So thank you again to the creators of bbpress, you truly are the last surviving Jedi Masters of wordpress.

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