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Importing large'ish forums into bbPress 2.0

  • Ryan Hellyer


    Have any of you tried importing large/medium sized bbPress 0.9/1.0 forums into bbPress 2.0? If so, did the migration go successfully, or were there a few hiccups in getting the data to port in one chunk?

    I attempted to migrate a reasonably big forum this afternoon and it didn’t go particularly well. It threw an error (can’t remember what it said – need to attempt again) and locked me out of WordPress. The automated database backup worked well, so I was able to get it back up and working just fine though.

    There’s around 115,000 posts and 44,000 users in the forum I was attempting to migrate.

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  • astrolosophy


    I had the same problem and could not log back into my wordpress. Not only am I locked out but when I go to the myphp admin, the tables have been modified and I cannot figure out how to get everything back to normal. Any suggestions?

    John James Jacoby


    When it comes time to migrate the forums, we’ll likely have similar issues. Whatever solution we come up with, I’ll be sure to make available.



    I’ve been researching for hours, trying to find a way to import bbpress standalone to bbpress 2.0 in wordpress. First I imported posts from phpBB to bbPress standalone, looks like it worked, then I installed the WP plugin.

    I came across this topic but it was closed so I can’t post a question there:

    bbPress Standalone to Plugin Converter Beta 2

    In the last post you said:

    Closing this topic, as the importer is now bundled with bbPress 2.0

    I can’t seem to find an importer there anywhere, I checked the Settings under the Settings > Forums menu, and all I can see are the main forum settings. Checked the Readme file with the plugin, there’s no mention of it.

    Can you tell me where to find the Importer? I need to get this huge site up and running by 7/1 and I don’t want to use the Standalone version because that means 2 admin pages.

    Thanks!!! :)



    @malawimama – The importer is located at /wp-admin/import.php or Tools -> Import from the admin panel.

    Has anyone figured out how to get back into the admin panel? I tried to import bbPress via the tools menu and immediately got locked out of wordpress. I have no idea how to get back in and I’m freaking out!



    have you tried to login with your bbpress login? It probably changed the database.

    Yes, I have tried to login with the bbPress login and it didn’t work.

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