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Importing Forums – Starting Conversion – Spinner – Nothing

  • ahau



    After a day of using the example.php to create a custom import form I finally tried to run it and all I get is Staring Conversion with the little spinner next to it and nothing else happens.

    I have stopped it and then chosen another converter just to see what it does and it does run past there telling me No fourms to convert etc …

    For curiousity I ran a different conversion and used the wrong username and it did tell me it couldn’t connect. I also did that again using the wrong database and it said it couldn’t connect tot he database. So I am guessing that this starting conversion, spinner, nothing (even after leaving it for 1/2 hour and I do not have a large forum to convert) must be an error after there is a database connection and before the main code runs.

    Here is basically what I have done

    Renamed example.php to Originalforum.php

    Changed Line 4 to * Originalforum converter base impoprter template for bbPress

    Changed line 9 to class Originalforum extends BBP_Converter_Base {

    Went through line by line and changed as needed, making sure that the case in the tables was the same in the file.

    Used example.php, mingle.php and vanilla.php to check each line. For example I used the vanilla.php dates code as the one I am doing has the same format as needed and the mingle.php to add in the bottom the public function callback_topic_status code.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction to get past the starting conversion – spinner – nothing else that would be most appreciated. I know once I am past that if there are sql / code errors I will be able to fix those – I just need to be able to get to that stage!

    Thank you for your time.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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