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    I’ve been running a phpBB forum for a while. Is there a migration tool available that helps me move to bbpress?

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  • of course! Try out orson’s forum converter! It works like a dream and I was helping out testing it:

    Unfortunately can’t get it to work at all. Consistently get “conversion failed” error and have no idea why. The error on the bottom is “conversion is not supported.” Could be a server setup error but I have phpbb3 and wp in the same database. My guess was that since I have the host configured as an ip behind a firewall as 10.10.xx.xx that I would use that as the hostname. I tried everything and get the same error. I used the same hostname as is set up in wordpress, same user name same database and same password and I get the same “conversion is not supported” error. Anyone see anything like this?

    Once I edited out the conversion not supported message error it worked perfectly. Was frustrating for a while but this plugin is quite impressive.



    Can’t get it to work at all. Consistently get “conversion failed” error. No idea why



    All that Firebug has to say is:

    syntax error
    options-general.php?page=fc-options&settings-updated=true (line 304, col 2)

    dingles and OC2PS I’m having this very same exact problem.

    BBPress has a converter but I cannot get anything to work right there and no one seems to be around to help me directly with my issue. I’ve been trying to get my forum converted for a month and a half now. I’m at my wits end.

    So I’m coming back to Orson’s plugin in last desperate attempt to try once again even though I’ve always gotten the same conversion failed messages.

    Dingles, could you share in more detail what you did to get it to work?

    Or OC2PS if you figured it out?

    I would be forever indebted!!!




    Yup, it worked.

    The problem is the plugin is not very tolerant (version numbers had to be added to make it work) and not very communicative (doesn’t show a message when import is completed). But it worked.

    2 files need to edited.


    I tried desperately for months to transfer my phpbb on bbPress, but without success.

    This plugin crashes during the creation of the first forum.

    have you ever had this problem?

    “relinking forum hierarchy

    fixing subcounts

    done processing forums

    Converting posts …

    converting posts


    reconnecting …

    reconnect success “but after it happens nothing.

    This plugin is no longer followed by the author …

    it’s just a mess ^ ^

    HEy shooo! I think I saw you posting on the other thread about the other phpBB converter from AWJunkies. I feel your pain, looks like we are in the same boat of no luck in getting our phpBB forums converted.

    It appears this converter is the one to troubleshoot as it seems that others here have had success.

    shooo, I haven’t seen what you just posted because I never got that far. Mine would just say that database failed and then would say conversion was not supported.

    Thanks OC2PS! I’m going to go look at that link that you provided. I’ll report back if any luck or for more begging…. :-)

    Hi OC2PS again, I tried the converter with changing the version to 2.0.2 which matches my BBpress latest version and it did seem to work this time! However, it is weird how you can’t see it doing anything and then after awhile I hit refresh and check and it converted.

    However, I’ve had this problem before and I’m not sure what could be this problem. Everything seems to convert great with users and forum structure, even the forum counts. However, my topics don’t show up within the forums. Within my topics, it shows that they are not connected to any forum. So I have about 500 some pages of topics not attached to anything.

    Do you know or have any idea what I could be doing wrong that is not pulling the topics over to their respective forum??

    I’m so close to getting this!

    I’ve even thought to go through 500 pages of topics and put them in their forums. I am that desperate! But I know better than to work that hard but also I don’t know where these topics really belong or I would consider it.

    Help? :-)



    DiannaM668, sorry to hear that.

    Not sure how to fix apart from manually bulk editing/moving…

    Hi ,


    I try both plugin, but none is working properly.

    phpBB converter from AWJunkies generates strange content for the link and images.

    forumconvert does not complete the conversion and gets stuck in one place for no reason.

    This plugin is no longer followed for a while now.

    Do you see how it works? it created additional tables in the database to link up with tables currents bbPress.

    If you have a problem later, you can not recover anything, the plugin no longer followed.




    Forum converter does SEEM to get stuck in one place, but in my experience, that place is the end of the conversion – it just forgets to tell you that the conversion is done. Have you checked the forums post-conversion and found that the conversion wasn’t finished?


    When I installed Forum converter, a couple of other things automatically got installed:




    See if they can help you.

    Having the same issue for some reason. Cant get the importer to work.

    i think you should try out orson’s forum converter…!

    White Phoenix


    PowerNick, they are trying Orson’s Forum Converter. It sounds to me that it doesn’t work very well. I need to convert my phpBB3 forums too. But now I am thinking that WordPress and bbPress are not the answer. Even if the converter worked the idea that I would need a converter doesn’t really set well.

    Yeah, I think I will ask my host to find something else.

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