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How to show a specific number of pages of replies

  • colorfulinaaaa


    Hi, I already use the forum configuration to display only 10 replies, the I add the shortcode for topic id to a page and is showin me all of the replies at the same time, how can I reorganice that

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  • rashidkalwar


    Codex Home → bbPress Features → Shortcodes
    Since Version 2.0 bbPress support so called Shortcodes. They have been introduced for creating macros to be used in the layout of your forum content on WordPress pages. To use any of the shortcodes simply insert the desired shortcode into any WordPress page.

    To get the required numerical ID for $forum_id, $topic_id, $reply_id and $tag_id you will need to visit your /wp-admin/ section and either by editing the post or by hovering your mouse over the applicable forum/topic/reply/tag post type you will see a numeric ID for that post eg. /wp-admin/post.php?post=47

    [bbp-forum-index] – This will display your entire forum index.
    [bbp-forum-form] – Display the ‘New Forum’ form.
    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] – Display a single forums topics. eg. [bbp-single-forum id=32]

    [bbp-topic-index] – Display the most recent 15 topics across all your forums with pagination.
    [bbp-topic-form] – Display the ‘New Topic’ form where you can choose from a drop down menu the forum that this topic is to be associated with.
    [bbp-topic-form forum_id=$forum_id] – Display the ‘New Topic Form’ for a specific forum ID.
    [bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id] – Display a single topic. eg. [bbp-single-topic id=4096]

    [bbp-reply-form] – Display the ‘New Reply’ form.
    [bbp-single-reply id=$reply_id] – Display a single reply eg. [bbp-single-reply id=32768]

    Topic Tags
    [bbp-topic-tags] – Display a tag cloud of all topic tags.
    [bbp-single-tag id=$tag_id] – Display a list of all topics associated with a specific tag. eg. [bbp-single-tag id=64]

    [bbp-single-view] – Single view – Display topics associated with a specific view. Current included ‘views’ with bbPress are “popular” [bbp-single-view id=’popular’] and “No Replies” [bbp-single-view id=’no-replies’]

    [bbp-search] – Display the search input form.
    [bbp-search-form] – Display the search form template.

    [bbp-login] – Display the login screen.
    [bbp-register] – Display the register screen.
    [bbp-lost-pass] – Display the lost password screen.

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