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How to remove this message: slow down, you move too fast

  • iempoweru


    First details:
    Basic System info on wp core and all activated plugins. I am currently using Spacious theme adult, have not configured child as of yet. Will work on theme last thing.

    WP version 4.6.1
    Theme Spacious 1.4.1
    PHP version 5.6.25
    bbPress version 2.5.10-6063
    site url
    Active Plugins Name and Version
    – p1 Akismet 3.2
    – p2 All In One SEO Pack
    – p3 bbPress Move Topics 1.1.3
    – p4 bbP Toolkit 1.0.6
    – p5 bbPress – Live Topic Suggestions 1.0.9
    – p6 bbPress Notify 0.2.2
    – p7 bbPress – Private Replies 1.3.3
    – p8 bbPress – Report Content 1.0.5
    – p9 bbPress 2.5.10
    – p10 Buddy-bbPress Support Topic 2.1.0
    – p11 BuddyPress Friends Only Activity Stream 1.0
    – p12 BuddyPress Friends On-line (FOL)
    – p13 BuddyPress Global Search 1.1.5
    – p14 rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress 4.1.8
    – p15 BuddyPress 2.7.0
    – p16 Child Theme Configurator 2.1.2
    – p17 Header and Footer 2.0.3
    – p18 Like Button Voting & Rating 2.3.0
    – p19 Membership 2 Pro
    – p20 RSS Icon Widget 4.0
    – p21 Simple Contact Forms 1.6.4
    – p22 Theme Check 20160523.1
    – p23 Transcoder 1.0.7
    – p24 Turbo Widgets 1.0.4
    – p25 WP All Import 3.3.8
    – p26 WP Smush Pro 2.4.5
    – p27 WPMU DEV Dashboard 4.2

    As you can see I have integrated bbpress with buddypress and membership 2. These are almost completely configured to the way I want them.

    The goal with the content on this free membership site is to make almost all the content readable, but to allow only users to post new topics or replies.

    I have added one plugin at a time and test in between so I do not think there are any conflicts.

    Matter of fact, everything is great except for 1 thing.

    I do not want a non-logged in user to be able to post topics or replies. At the bottom of each of the current topics, there is a reply text entry field. If I log out and try to post a reply, I get this message:

    “slow down, you move too fast”

    So I either need to figure out how to change that message to “only logged in users can reply or post new topics” or something similar.

    Or I need to know how to hide the reply text entry field for non-logged in users.

    I have been through settings>forum as well as all the other plugins looking for the appropriate toggle to no avail.

    I have combed the forums and google with no success. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Linda @iempoweru

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  • Robkk


    I do not want a non-logged in user to be able to post topics or replies.

    Do you have anonymous posting enabled in Settings > Forums? Disabling that will allow only logged in users to post in each forum.

    The slow down you move too fast, if I remember correctly is the notice when a user posts too frequently and faster than the throttle limit you have set in Settings > Forums.



    @robkk Thank you for your speedy response. Yes, before I opened this ticket, I had already disabled that in settings>forum. I have not been on the site for 3 hours, and just returned as a visitor. I tried to post a reply to a random post and once again got the same message. So, it is not that I am overdoing the posting. And I forgot to mention this before. The post is not being completed and does not show up in the dashboard. At clicking on the submit button, it also does not redirect to the page I have listed as the redirect.

    Your continued attention to this is greatly appreciated. @iempoweru Linda



    @robkk One more thing. I disabled all of the bbpress plugins but the main one, to see if there was conflict among these that would be causing the problem. There was not – still getting same message when a visitor is trying to create a topic or a reply. Thanks again for your help @iempoweru Linda



    I have disabled every plugin except membership 2, bbpress and buddypress. I still have the same issue. I just found this thread and will try some of the suggested fixes. This thread is 3 yrs old, does anyone know why this issue would be cropping up again?

    Slow down; you move too fast

    Thanks in advance for the help! Linda @iempoweru

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