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How to create Dynamic URL for “subscriptions”

  • fmckinnon


    Hey Gang,
    You know the links that are avail in the user menu (top right) when logged in? (Activity, Profile, Notifications, etc). All of those links are dynamically created based on the logged in userID.

    I wanted to create a few of those shortcuts in a custom link in our main site navigation menu, but I’m unsure what type of code to use to dynamically insert the UserID of the logged in user.

    So for example, how can I create a custom link that will populate the users’ ID:**USERID-OF-MEMBER**/forums/subscriptions/

    As you can see if you go to:

    Under “Discussion Forums” i have some sub-links that show the RSS feed options. It’s under there I wanted to have a custom link for “My Subscriptions & Unread Topics” with that dynamic URL above.


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  • Robkk


    Adding menu links like that is quite difficult unless you manually create the menu in HTML and just not worry about the WordPress menu configuration.

    I suggest maybe creating a copy of the login widget and add whatever links you want for the suer to the bbPress login Widget.

    This explains it quite briefly.

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    If you need help or an example plugin to create this please reply back.

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