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Forum root is overriding user created forum index page

  • Themezly


    Let me start by saying that I did extensive searching for past 2 hours and are surprised to see all questions about the same issue getting brushed off. Some even instruct to remove the home link from breadcrumb just to hide an actual bug.

    bbPress breadcrumb forum root link issue

    there are many more but I am allowed only 3 links. Google breadcrumb [bbp-forum-index]

    Please take the issue as it is which is a bug confirmed by many.

    1. Breadcrumbs forum home page link and the page that user has created are not in sync
    2. When user creates the page with shortcode as instructed in Step 2 or even Step 1

    the default Forum Root archive is overriding that page instead other way around. The process should be same as selecting page for posts in WP but in BB is just complicated and not effective.

    Use default theme, follow instructions in step 2 , when you done , go to your custom created forum page and change template. No changes. Now change the root in forum settings, redo permalinks go back to custom page and you will see the change.

    Note that I have no custom overrides so it is not theme related.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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