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Fix Empty Topic Tags

  • DevynCJohnson


    Problem/Scenario – On my website ( using the latest version of WordPress, BBPress, and BuddyPress, I closed a topic in my forum. Now, the tags belonging to the closed topic are listed as “empty topic tags”. This issue is always reproducible.

    Specific Example – For instance, I closed a topic ( and then I see under “Dashboard > Topic > Topic Tags” that “linspire” has a count of zero. Also, in the BBPress statistics widget, it says there are twenty “empty topic tags”. However, lists the Lindows topic as a topic with the “linspire” tag.

    Question – Why do these “empty topic tags” appear/form when closing a topic and how can it be fixed and prevented?

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  • Robkk


    Sorry for the late reply, I just approved your topic.

    I will try to create a ticket after I reproduce this issue.

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