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Final release candidate 1.0-RC-2 is available.

  • See the blog post.

    Lots of testing would be greatly appreciated.

    A note for anyone integrating cookies with WordPress less than version 2.8, you need to add this to your bb-config.php file…

    define('WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 1);

    When you upgrade WordPress to 2.8 that line will have to be removed.

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  • Sam, is there any plan to fix up the admin side CSS before go-live? It’s still seriously unformatted.

    Also #1076 is still open. Pretty permalinks seems to kill pagination for User Roles :/

    Yes, read the blog post.

    Those last few tickets will be dealt with too.

    Cool. Otherwise, I don’t see any issues yet. I’ll let my users bang around and come up with something, I’m sure ;)

    How can i change my themes and plugins now?

    Same way you always could.



    When I try to have access to WordPress functions (including that line said on documentation) I get this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _mb_substr() (previously declared in /home/aedi/public_html/wp-includes/compat.php:86) in /home/aedi/public_html/bbpress/bb-includes/backpress/functions.compat.php on line 108

    When I get to line 108, that’s what I see:

    if ( !function_exists( ‘_mb_strcut’ ) ) {

    function _mb_substr

    _mb_strcut??? Shouldn’t be _mb_substr?

    Final RC 2 and stable 1.0 plans?



    the adminpanel doesn’t work for me


    Nice find, just trying to work out how that got in there, or if it was always like that.

    Turns out that it’s been like that for some time now… weird.

    One interesting thing that I forgot to mention is the addition of a “voices” count to topics.

    So for example in this thread there are 13 posts, but only 5 voices. That figure is possible to inject into your templates now, including as a column in topic lists.


    Has any consideration been given to changing how the frontpage displays the “freshness” age.

    Right now it appears to be outputted by PHP in a processed format (e.g. “18 minutes ago”).

    This is a problem if you attempt to statically cache the front page because the “18 minutes ago” freshness field will remain at that static time until you re-cache the page.

    This could easily be adverted if the freshness field was simply the UTC last posted time and simply letting JavaScript to format the freshness into the appropriate format. That way, you can cache statically the front page (since the UTC last post date won’t change) but the page will “appear” dynamically because JavaScript is simply formatting the time according chaning that “18 minutes ago” freshness into the appropriate age.


    Similarly, you could use PHP to store the time the page was cached and then have Javascript adjust the freshness based on the current time.

    Maybe we could put the actual time of the post as an attribute of that freshness node.

    After upgrading to WP 2.8, remember to REMOVE define('WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION', 1); from your bb-config.php file.

    Also I had to dump all my cookies and cache to get back into the bb-admin side, but for a regular user perspective, everything was hunky dory :)

    Sam, I’ve tried about 50 different changes and no matter what I do with the config files, the Integration plugin settings, or the bbPress WordPress Integration settings, nothing seems to change the fact that I cannot logout from WordPress if I have logged in from bbPress (that means I cannot logout period, I click logout there and can still go into either of the admins because the cookies are not removed). Everything else works fine. I could always redirect all my bbP login forms to wp-login.php I suppose, but it seems like that should be unnecessary. Could it be because my wordpress is in a subfolder of my site like /public_html/yawp/ ?

    It seems when I login from bbP I get 2 wordpress_logged_in_* cookies, with identical values except that the ‘Path:’ of one is ‘/yawp/’ and the ‘Path:’ of the other is ‘/yawp’. When I login from WP I only get 1 wordpress_logged_in_* cookie, and it has a ‘Path:’ of ‘/yawp/’. I feel like this might be part of the problem.

    I figured the integration speedup line $bb->sitecookiepath = '/yawp'; in bb-config.php might be to blame and added only that line, but changed it to $bb->sitecookiepath = '/yawp/';, cleared cache, deleted cookies, but still I get both logged_in cookies when logging in from bbP. That’s among trying a bunch of other different config changes to get that wp_login_* cookie unified.

    Since you said in the RC-1 thread that I should be able to have this work if I just play with the cookie paths, have you any suggestions?



    Sam et al,

    Not sure if this is a bug or not (I am relatively new to the BBPress community, please excuse me if this is not a problem) but I find even as an administrator I am unable to add tags to topics that have already been posted.

    Example: Someone posts a topic that is missing tags. I try to add the tags and get this message on a white screen:

    “The tag was not added. Either the tag name was invalid or the topic is closed.”

    Don’t remember getting this issue until RC2.

    If a topic is missing a Tag, one should be able to add it, correct?

    What theme are you using? I can add tags just fine.



    If it wasn’t for Ipstenu mentioning to dump cookies and cache, I would have gone insane trying to log in after upgrade. This is vital info that may be worth adding to the upgrading instructions, and makes it quicker to get in the admin area and reactivate the plugins (or else, one is stuck with a broken looking forum) :-)

    Loving the new admin interface of the 1.0 version to match WP!

    Ipstenu, there is further information here. In my case, there are serious errors when tagging using default everything, with no plugins. However the issue seems to relate to tags which existed prior to an upgrade from 0.9, so perhaps does not affect a fresh install?

    Aha, I can repro this too. It’s not that you can’t add tags, it’s that you can’t add tags that have been used before to a new post. EW! ew ew.

    The tag issue is fixed.

    This list contains all the outstanding reported issues which I am aiming to fix before the 1.0 release. At the moment there are only two things there. If you know of an issue that isn’t there, then please add it immediately.

    Other remaining tasks before 1.0 is released all have to do with finishing the admin screens. This will be heavily based on WordPress.

    We also have Ben Dunkle – the guy who created the WordPress admin icons – working on some missing icons (forums, topics, posts).

    Glad to hear that we are almost on the 1.0!…

    One thing: The “topics with no replies” link doesn’t seems to work for me, am i the only one ?

    I have a number of issues and questions. I’m new to bbpress and also trying to do an integration with 2.8, so I’m not sure what is a bug or what just may not work at all. I did the integration with WP and it allows me into the pages to post and into the admin. However it won’t let me post or change anything. No matter what I do, I get a box with a message “Your attempt to do this has failed”. Its not very useful it telling me why. It happily sends me back to the admin area, so it doesn’t seem to be the login. Is there some variable to debug permissions, as that seems to be a continuing issue with integration.

    One question I have is how do I determine what version I have? I don’t see a version file.

    I also don’t see a way of setting permissions for users or forums

    Also, email isn’t working for registration. We run Postfix, could there be a problem? Is there a setting?

    Thank you for your continuing work and effort on bbPress.

    I upgraded from RC1 to RC2 and something seems to be messy with the way additional markup is handled.

    So far, users could use syntax like this:

    <a href=''><img src='' /></a>

    to link a picture for example.

    Now with RC2, the ‘…’ upper commas aren’t recognized any longer but instead you’d have to write:

    <a href=><img src= /></a>

    and “…” quotation marks will be automatically added.

    Now the problem is that once the user edits a comment with such markup later on, the now present “…” will again not be recognized and turned into broken code instead.

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