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Extra dropdown field in registration page

  • Hi contributers|

    I want to add a new custom drop down field into registration page like where you can see the gender (Male, Female), and birthday fields (Month, Day, Year) exactly that what I want…is it possible to add these two drop down fields into register page and to show in user profile page?

    Thanks and always love you bbPress!!!

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  • zaerl


    As far as I know there isn’t a plugin that add such functionality. But it can be easily achieved.

    But it can be easily achieved.

    Then what you waiting for…bbPress need this will be great


    But I think someone achieved it without any plugin…

    see this

    If you have no time for making this kind of plugin right now….then can you please tell me the code which he use?

    Thanks zaerl

    Rich Pedley


    It possibly isn’t the sort of thing that a generic plugin is best for. Far better to code for the exact requirements.

    Form Builder type plugins are difficult to code, and cover the multittude of things that people may want.

    So you may be better off employing someone to code what you are after.

    @ Rich Pedley…

    I’m waiting for zaerl’s answer…I think he must have smart solution :-)



    Generic plugins are actually quite good for this, at least the WordPress one is quite ideal. I generally force all my members to register and login via WordPress and that gives me way more options in terms of Plugins and Database :)

    @kevinjohngallagher but I still need it… no need of plugin but code..

    if you force all your members to kick off toward wordpress then its your choice not mine and not other members…think beyond



    I was merely offering a solution. You don’t have to take it.

    I actually install WordPress with almost every bbPress forum, even if it’s not needed. I don’t use Deep Integration so there is no overhead. All I do is point my bbPress forum action towards the WordPress page, and it redirects people back to bbPress, without ever seeing WordPress.

    Again, it’s merely a solution. It’s not one that you have to take.

    but I still need it

    Then write it yourself mate :)

    You did already get annoyed and bumped your own post when no-one had replied in under 4 hours. If you need it that desperately, then you should write it yourself :)

    Otherwise, we’re jsut trying to help.

    …think beyond

    … answering your questions next time? you got it, i’ll think beyond :)



    Pagal didn’t we actually go over this 4 weeks ago?

    Look, what we have here:

    Started by Pagal 4 weeks ago.

    Which was solved at :

    @kevinjohngallagher thanks to tease me.. :) I’m well aware about your attitude..

    I’m not a web programmer who can write code…If I able to write code then why I wrote on bbpress? If I bumped my post then you’ve any problem mate? :)

    And I’m really afraid to tell you that …the links you’ve mentioned still not solved…It worked on localhost but not in live…

    So I’ll make another post about it and then tell you that, is it good to say people on forums to write their own codes… really bad



    I don’t think that such a plugin will be useful for a wide audience so I will not build it (it’s also quite annoying to make.) When I make something boring for a single person it’s called job and I’m here just for fun :)

    Hmmmmm now I think just johnhiler can solve this Issue because he did it…

    This topic will remain open till then johnhiler’s active response and I’ll wait for him :(



    Plugin: Allow additional or custom profile fields

    Adding Custom Profile Fields

    Add New Fields to User Profile?

    Customizing Profile Fields

    Help with Basic Command to Add New Profile Fields

    Since bbPress doesn’t have a dropdown generator, it’s obviously going to need custom code. You can’t set it as a profile key because bbpress won’t properly handle the output/input.

    There is an action hook do_action( 'extra_profile_info', $user->ID );

    which appears at the end of the regular profile block.

    That’s where the data has to be shown.

    However the data will not be saved by bbpress because it’s not in the profile keys.

    What could be done is the profile keys could be unset when actually on the profile edit page, but exist otherwise – there is a sanitize filter that can be used:

    $$key = apply_filters( 'sanitize_profile_info', $_POST[$key], $key, $_POST[$key] );

    Or sanitization and saving could be done manually at do_action('profile_edited', $user->ID); by checking $_POST

    So it’s a non-trivial amount of work which is why dropdowns are not already done via a plugin.

    If I get through tomorrow without a migraine I might show you how to do a Male/Female dropdown.

    _ck_ you are always smarter then others…… :)

    I’ll wait for your answer

    I will pray for you that that migraine did not try to tease you….

    Thanks for your hope…

    just want to remind _ck_ that waiting for your answer.



    I’ve decided this is not something I want to get into. Way too much work for one specific solution and multi-input fields like birthday are going to be very complicated.

    The sites you see this on already have full-time programmers while you don’t know how to code at all so you are going to constantly rely on begging for free help from others.

    Since you are using WordPress integrated I recommend you just use an existing plugin for it to do this instead.

    bbpress sucks,

    why you people did not shut down this software..if you are not able to do anything???????????????????????????????



    Oh noes!

    Don’t weave. we wub u!



    No please pagan. Don’t choose another forum software. I am here for you and you know what? I will work for you for free. I will spend hours in a plugin that will be useful only for you. Normally I get 20€/h when I write code but you are special.

    Don’t hurt my feelings. Don’t say that I’m not able to do anything (for free).



    Trading insults is not very mature, therefore I think it’s time to close this topic.

    pagal, you just have to be flexible, you can’t always get what you want for free, so you either have to adjust and find another way to do it or hire a coder to make what you want.

    The fields in the user profile are unfortunately handled in a very inconsistent way, it doesn’t even use the same code on the registration page vs. the profile edit page vs the profile display page which is a symptom of the adhoc nature of how bbpress was built. But I don’t think even wordpress has that ability built in yet.

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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