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example of a bbpress forum

  • Can anyone send me a link to a forum made with bbpress, so I have an example?

    I googled it but I’m not getting examples, just forums about forums…

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  • spiritfly


    yeah, every research about example bbpress forums ends up with some examples that were posted 3-4 years ago and when you try to open them you end up on either a parked domain or just another dead 404 page. It seems like those pages that had bbpress were somehow doomed and failed miserably.

    Even the official demo examples at are no where to be found. Technorati doesn’t seem to have a forum anymore and the support forum is only accessible for VIP wordpress members.

    It seems like the only working examples of bbpress are the wordpress forum and the bbpress forum. This doesn’t really leave any good impression. I’m getting second thoughts about installing bbPress.



    Just a couple off the top of my head:

    There are actually a ton of sites out there using bbPress.



    Well I think there should be a list available somewhere, at least the official list of example sites should be updated, I’m sure there are great sites out there, but they are hard to find. One could get the idea that it is not popular and give up installing bbpress.

    Anderson Mak


    If you want it, you can see the default layout of bbPress at my own forum:


    Make sure that forum example you trying to mimic or address as sample is using the latest bbPress. Since many nice looking themes for bbPress is only compatible with old version, so you won’t be disappointing at the end.

    Since the WordPress discussion boards increased along with bbPress underneath the cover, bbPress had been examined in order to it’s complete capability, resulting in a number of custom remaking as well as tweaking to support the actual development as well as development associated with WordPress right into a world-wide acclaimed running a blog system.


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    If you go to the examples and click the 2nd one under favorites that one is mine.



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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