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  • Alright I have my site at and the forums at

    I’m trying to apply my wordpress theme to the forums to make it all look the same. I haven’t the slightest idea of where to start. I have tinkered with the style.css but can’t get anywhere. Any pointers? A good place to start?


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  • chrishajer


    Best place to start:

    You will be copying the WordPress styles and using them in your bbPress theme to approximate the look of your WordPress site in bbPress.

    Some people have also put bbPress in a iFrame inside a WordPress page (which I think is a horrible solution):

    Yeah don’t want to use an iFrame. I can get it to call the header but nothing else. It’s not calling my stylesheet. I’m only using header, footer, front-page, style.css. WordPress theme wasn’t that bad as i have good knowledge of html and css but no php knowledge until now. BBpress is giving me a fit and I want it to work because I like it, don’t want to revert to a forum plugin….All the info I read is changing the default theme or using these simple files from the wordpress theme to start. Any suggestions?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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