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Change font size range for tag cloud

  • I’m trying to change the font size range in the tag cloud. So far, I changed “largest” from 24 to 16 in three functions, bb_get_tag_heat_map, bb_related_tags_heat_map, bb_tag_heat_map in template-functions.php, but the site display has remained the same.

    What have I missed?


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  • chrishajer


    Thanks, chrishajer, this…

    <?php tag_heat_map( 8, 16, ‘pt’, 100); ?>

    …worked, putting the parameters in the template tag, although I don’t know why, ’cause the default values seemed to be changed in the function in template-functions.php. But, I don’t care why, either, since it works!



    These responses are from many years ago and those files don’t seem to exist any more. Is it still possible to change the font size of the bbPress tag cloud? I’ve been trying various functions but cannot get it to work, and I’ve tried searching through the bbPress files for bb_tag_heat_map but cannot find that anywhere.

    The default font sizes are too big and the tags are hanging of the page of our forum. If someone can please help me to change the maximum font size for the tag cloud it would be most appreciated.

    Thanks you!



    Just thought I’d reply to przwilson:
    I had the same problem and spent an entire day looking for the code. But I just found it.

    IT’s at bbpress/includes/common/shortcodes.php

    Around line 522 for me you’ll see the “largest” and “smallest” stuff. Edit it there and your problem is fixed. All you need to do is change the numbers.




    Dude this is awesome, thank you!

    You’d think there would be a function we could use to get this to work, so that we aren’t up *$%#’s creek if they change the files again in a future update.

    Anyway much appreciate it, this is really helpful. Good karma to you sir…



    @hbombs86, you are good! thank you. This is what I did…

    // Output the topic tags
    		wp_tag_cloud( array(
    			'smallest' => 11,
    			'largest'  => 20,
    			'number'   => 80,
    			'taxonomy' => bbp_get_topic_tag_tax_id()

    however, the font size only show 11 on all – same size. Did I do something wrong? I thought it would randomly display 11 to 20?



    Perhaps fonts shown in different colors will be even better.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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