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Can't see iframe in bbpress forum Topic

  • smokeradiosocialmedia


    Site- Word Press: 3.4.2 BB Press 2.1.2 Using the Twenty12 theme for BB Press but using a commercial theme GONZO for the site

    I have a topic: Which i’d embedded a simple iframe to allow people to view a Public Dropbox folder. However you can’t see the content of the iFrame

    The link works standalone – when not logged in or several browsers

    I tried embedding another website (Google) and you can’t see that either.

    I posted as the admin from the backend

    The site I want to embed within the topic is:

    Im not a coding whizz kid but sometimes putting things in Span and Div wraps helps, but has made no difference this time.

    Is there any reason Why iFrame doesnt work in a BBPress topic?

    Is there an alternative to use instead?

    Here is a direct link to the topic in question. You’ll see the 410 pixel space where the iframe is supposed to be but its just a blank space.


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