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BBPress Polls for 1.02 or other polls working?

  • Has anyone got BBPress Polls working perfectly with version 1.02?

    I tried it a few months back, and didnt turn out good.

    Is there any other poll plugins that works?

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  • Sorry man, I’ve done as much remote diagnosis as I can!

    If you’re not comfortable having a volunteer from here access your server (which I totally understand), you may want to hire someone? Either way, you should do a full backup of your entire database and files first!

    Good luck…

    Well, hopefully the solution to this problem isnt entirely on my shoulders.

    There are other people experiencing the same out there. Maybe someone can figure out how to solve this on their own. Without my participation. *Crossing fingers*

    The plugin works for me in bbPress 1.0.2. Is that the version you’re using?

    If so, it’s probably going to rest on you: you most probably have a theme or plugin conflict.

    I just want to use this oportunity to say thanks to you johnhiler.

    I dont like that Kevin-guy so much, but Im a big enough man to see when he is right about weaknesses in my behaviour.

    Even though we did not solve this problem, thank you for putting on the effort in trying to help me out.

    I guess some times I just get too carried away with the creative process, so I tend to forget about the moral and ethical side of it.

    I have great belief in BBpress, and I trust that it will have a bright future. So I´d rather wait and stick with BBpress, as I have it currently set up, and maybe some day a new poll plugin will surface. Good things comes to those who wait.

Viewing 4 replies - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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