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BBPress Polls for 1.02 or other polls working?

  • Has anyone got BBPress Polls working perfectly with version 1.02?

    I tried it a few months back, and didnt turn out good.

    Is there any other poll plugins that works?

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  • I will, check back on this later.

    The problem is this: No save button on polls during topic creation. Using BBPress v1.02. Code untouched.



    Can you give us a screenshot or a link so we can see what’s happening?

    Hello, its now active on my forum for the next four hours –

    You gotta see for yourself during the creation of a topic. There will be no save button.

    I signed up a while ago but didn’t get the password til recently…

    I don’t see the polls though.



    its now active on my forum for the next four hours

    With all due respect, you’re asking for our help to fix a bug only you are having but you won’t let us see. I asked you for a link to see the issue to help you and it took you 7 hours to respond (even though you replied to 3 other threads in the next hour), and when you did reply you gave a 4 hour window of when we could give up our free time to fix your bug.

    Can you give us a link to your test site please?

    Try briefly activating Kakumei… and seeing if the Save button shows up then?

    John Hiler, I have activated it now, to prevent further annoyances. There is a test thread, and you´re welcome to create a new test thread to see how it is.

    So tell me when you´ve done the testing and if you´ve found something out then…

    Ah I see you’re using a translated version of the Polls plugin… did you translate the strings yourself?

    Two questions:

    1) If you switch to the English version, does the Save button appear?

    2) Did you get a chance to briefly change to Kakumei?

    Johnhiler, the translation has nothing to do with it. In the admin panel, you can type in what you want there, it doesnt affect the functionality.

    The theme IS Kakumei. None of the code is touched, exept for some CSS colors.

    If you turn on Firebug, and you inspect the canclebutton, you will see that there seems to be no code at all for a save button present.

    I have reset the polls to default settings, just to prove that.

    You see at the plugins site here on Bbpress, that more users are having the same problem:

    There, user Michael888 says to me that version 1.1 of BBpress might include poll functionality.

    Is this next upgrade far away. Am I just wasting my time with this old plugin?

    What do you have input under the option for “Text to show for SAVE button:”?

    You may want to try putting the word “Save” in there and resaving the settings… and seeing if that fixes things. Maybe it’s an encoding issue?

    Please re-read my edited post above. And yes, the word “Save” for saving. Its all default now.

    Ah thanks for resetting it to default! Hmm, it definitely looks like an issue with the plugin/version compatibility. I also just tested it on a 1.0 install, and saw a similar issue.

    Your best would be to ask a programmer to take a look at the plugin and see if they can spot the issue! I bet it’s a pretty minor one, if everything else works except for that one button. :-)

    Oh wait, I just checked it out in 0.9 and a “Save” button doesn’t appear there while posting either… but if you Submit the whole post, the poll does appear.

    I bet something changed in 1.0 so that that doesn’t work any more… sounds like the bug may be more than just a superficial missing button.

    That would the ideal thing, that “Send” button inlude the poll as well. But theres absolutely no way to include the poll during topic creation now.

    Did you scan with firebug? Cause I dont see the code for the save button anywhere in the php.

    Wait a second, I just tested it on a 1.0 install and it worked!

    So it looks like it may be a configuration issue after all… maybe a plugin conflict?

    well, thats impossible to point out… what shall I do?

    bare in mind that I use 1.02


    Alright, to really put on an effort, I have tried to deactivate all plugins but the Polls. One by one, and all at once. Still no save-button.

    If you give me keymaster access, I can run some quick tests for you? The site wouldn’t be affected for more than a few minutes…

    EDIT: Please don’t feel obligated in any way… if you’d rather not give access to a stranger, I completely understand! :-)

    Well, add me to msn in case then: marius @ reager .no

    I need direct contact for this type of deal.

    But I asked earlier: is this worth it? Making an old plugin work?

    Or should I forget about it, and wait for bbpress 1.1? Cause I understand a poll feature will be included there…

    Ah sorry, I don’t really do IM support. Was just trying to be helpful…

    I wouldn’t worry about 1.1… once you have something working, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to the latest version unless you want to.

    Re: 1.1, Matt’s update last week about the upcoming version didn’t mention polls: “[The] 1.1 release will include email notifications and anonymous posting, both of which are in trunk and would appreciate testing and patches. After that it’s bug fixes, and release.”

    But I could’ve missed something!

    Well I appreciate you trying to be helpful. I just cant hand out important stuff like that without knowing exactly how and when it will be used.

    After this topic was created, I had a guy that registered on my forum to diss MJ and stink up the place by calling him a pedophile etc. Not much fun for the other members.

    All I was going to do was activate the original Kakumei theme and then re-test poll creation. Then de-activate Kakumei and go back to your original theme.

    I know you mentioned you only changed the CSS, but even that could cause issues. So thought I’d try that, and also review your list of plugins to look for compatibility conflicts.

    Feel free to try that stuff yourself! And good luck…

    Yeah, I havent made a separate theme. I´ve edited the original Kakumei that came with the software. So theres no “default theme” any more. Just one.

    It seems you ran into this problem on other setups too, didnt you say so? Cause I see you´re doing the process of elimination, but I´m not the only one having this problem, so it must be something more universal.

    I was able to get the Polls plugin working on a 1.0.2 install…. so it should be possible.

    You shouldn’t be editing the original template under /bb-templates/. You should move your custom theme to under /my-templates/, and then re-upload the old Kakumei under bb-templates.

    It’s very helpful to have Kakumei around, when you’re attempting to eliminate themes as a source of conflict with plugins.

    Can this have something to do with Ajax support failing, server-wise?

Viewing 25 replies - 26 through 50 (of 54 total)
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