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BBpress plugin for WordPress – Private Forums and BBpress/WordPress User Roles

  • ideoplasm



    I have the BBpress WordPress Plugin version installed on my WordPress site, and have found that from installation defaults, the lowest ranking user-role that can view the private forums is ‘Moderator’. The trouble with this, is that Moderators can edit other people’s posts, and I do not want all Users that can read and post in the private forums to be able to edit each other’s posts! Is there an easy way to change this? Ideally I’d want WordPress ‘Contributor’-level users and above to be able to view the private forums. I’d also like WordPress ‘Subscriber’-level users to be able to read the public forums but not post to them, but his is not as important, so no real problem if it cannot be done.

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before, but I’ve read a bit about user-maps etc, but the discussions tend to be quite old and talking about the BBpress standalone, not the BBpress WordPress Plugin, so I am not sure if it works for the BBpress WordPress Plugin version(?). Just so you know, I am no kind of Coder – just an Animator – so am struggling with terminology etc. here.

    I hope someone can help!


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  • Anointed


    The easiest solution is to install a members management plugin. One of the best out there is:

    To use it, install the plugin, and then in the settings choose to edit the roles of a subscriber. You can then add the ability to create/read/edit posts in private forums.

    Alternately you could also create a new group and give that group extended permissions to use the hidden forums.

    John James Jacoby


    I will +1 the members plugin. It does exactly what you need it do.




    There are a number of really great member management plugins available. Justin’s is one of the best out there and does a great job for bbpress.

    IMHO this type of functionality best remains outside the core of bbpress. Say bbpress did have this in the core, then users who utilize plugins like members could run into conflicts and collisions.

    JJ has built in the needed hooks for members management to easily plug into, as evidenced by seeing how easy it is to get the members plugin working.




    No, there is no way to manually change user permissions within the bbPress core. Well more specifically, not without a ton of hacking of the code.

    Someday, I am guessing there may be a bbPress plugin built for this purpose.

    I know I keep talking about the members plugin, and I do so because it is the perfect tool for the job at the moment. It really is built so well that you can set it once and ignore it.

    Who knows, maybe after seeing just how powerful and simple it is, you may just end up finding other great reasons to use it as well.

    *The real problem with having this in core would be group permission collisions. Meaning, if I use members to set permissions for a specific group and also have bbPress doing it then there can be problems if the permissions are not exactly matched up.

    **The opinions of this commentator do not necessarily reflect the views of the network :)



    Thanks guys, the ‘Members’ plugin has done more than the minimum that I wanted!

    However, it’s now got me thinking of other things!…

    Whilst most of my animations/art projects will be for a family audience (Rating ‘U’ or ‘PG’), the main one I am working on right now is more for adults (16 or 18 years-old plus). For this reason, it would be really nice if ‘Categories’ and ‘Forums’ could be have restricted content in the same way that ‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’ currently can.

    It would be even nicer if there was a way to get people to enter their age when they Subscribe so that will automatically place them into the user-role with to which the above would be revealed or hidden according to their age. I realise people lie abou their age, but at least I can say I tried my best to provide adult filtering.

    Are there any plans to build in the above features I mention any time soon?

    John James Jacoby


    Nope. Both sound like plugin territory to me.

    I have the members plugin install and modified subscribers to see hidden forums.

    This didn’t work.

    Hidden seems more appropriate than private. Private tags a forum with Private:. Which I don’t understand at all.

    It seems like you have forums that you apply access control to for different roles and they should either see them or not see them depending on the roles.

    I understand that you can use the members plugin. And that you could potentially setup different roles with different access levels based upon the existing permissions.

    But as I mention above setting “read_hidden_forums” on subscriber didn’t allow the subscriber to see or read a hidden forum.

    I don’t have that role set to access anything private. So maybe hidden is a subset of private? I’ll try turning on private access on subscriber.

    If hidden works as suspected it seems appropriate to have public be accessable by anyone on the site and hidden for everyone else.

    Private would see appropriate, but if 99% of your forums are private its pretty lousy to see a “private:” tag in front of all of them. There appears to be no setting in the bbPress settings to disable that.

    I’m not sure what the use case is for bbPress, but it seems pretty narrowly defined to very public forums. Not to a more layered scenario, where you can define role based access to each role for different forums and alter visibilty.

    Am i missing something. Is there a forum category based access control method?

    I haven’t jumping into plugins because I’m trying to use the 2.x plugin version and since its still beta I’m not confident that there is anything stable out there. There doesn’t even seem to be a way to post photos so it appears to need lots of addons.

    Once I can figure out what it is supposed to do I may take the plunge to write some.

    I apologize if this post is grumbly, I’m excited about bbPress as a plugin, I’m just dismayed that I’m needing it before the final release and the plugin community piles on to make it better.

    trevogre, were you ever able to get these to work together?

    It seems like I have it so close – one role is restricted to one forum and another role is restricted to one forum. I set both my forums to hidden, add the read_hidden_forums to both capabilities, the appropriate error is displayed on the restricted forum but the roles can’t get into the appropriate forum to post or read topics. It’s like there should be a read_hidden_topics and publish_hidden_topics capability.

    Private forums don’t seem to work at all. I tried the private setting and restricted the appropriate roles on the forums but the roles can still get into and post in both forums.



    How do you make a "Private" forum visible to some WordPress classes?

    Here’s some info (and a problem) too, you might have the same problem?

    Yes, same exact problem. Did updating to rc3 fix it for you?



    Not to wake the dead (topics), but has there been a way to address this issue? Specific roles for specific hidden forums?

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