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bbPress Bechet version 1.0.2 Vs bbPress 0.9 Legacy Branch

  • pagal


    Which is the right and why?

    Things to know before downloading?

    Pros and cons?

    List of sites using bbPress 0.9?

    List of using bbPress 1.0.2?

    Technical differences b/w them?

    Your experience for bbPress 1.02.2 or 0.9?

    Your suggestion?

    I hope these basic questions will help newbies.

    Anyone interested in answers?



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  • Not supported in future…

    bbPress is WordPress plugin next month…



    Who cares this plugin?

    People always love standalone version.

    It should not die.



    anyone else?

    bbPress plugin September 15?

    Now date is October 15.




    Personally i prefer the 1.0.2 version, both of them are fast and light, some say 0.9.2 is faster but even if it is faster i can´t really notice it.

    with version 1.0.2 i can switch the pretty permalink function on very easily, i was unable to do that with version 0.9.2, in fact i was unable to turm it on and spent a good amount of time in the support forums trying what everyone said (multiviews, htacess etc etc etc), the permalink structure is a bonus point for me in any forum script (i dont like all those cripthgraphic urls).

    visually (user side) there aren’t many differences, from the admin prespective version 0.9.2 has a “wordpress retro look” version 1.0.2 looks like wordpress 3.0 .

    version 1.0.2 added a few functions/pluggins to the core that were missing or needed a pluggin in 0.9.2.

    if you use wordpress, version 1.0.2 can be integrated a lot easier than 0.9.2.

    There’s been some talk about forking it but in my opinion the next version (pluggin) will be what everyone wanted, better integration at several levels, no backpress dependency, bbpress admin area inside wordpress etc etc)

    i tried several forum scripts and i think nobody will be angry if i write a few lines about them:

    1- phpbb3 – fairly simple to setup but way too much options in the admin area, nothing difficult as it is understandable but no “pretty permalink structure”, there was a pluggin but you need to reinstall it with every new version and its a pain to even set it up.

    2- SMF – simple to setup but its kind of complicated to get around all those options, to much stuff.

    3- PunBB/FluxBB – Original forum script and fork – both were a breeze to install, PunBB had native permalink structure and FluxBB had a pluggin but in my opinion the community has lost his “power” forking PunBB split the community but i could be wrong.

    4- Simple press – the best forum pluggin for wordpress, had most stuff i wanted (clean urls, integration with wordpress at all levels, theme, users etc) nice community forum, international language support but it was sluggish, there were a few tips on how to optimize its speed but never managed to optimize it, otherwise a great forum script for wordpress.

    5- MyBB – easy to instal with a easy to understand administration area, great community, lots of pluggins, themes, international support, fast forum system, clean urls (through pluggin) etc, if the bbpress project doesnt take off in next version it willprobably be my choice.

    Hope this helps you.



    @ricardouk, Thank you so much for your time and interest.

    some say 0.9.2 is faster but even if it is faster i can´t really notice it.

    Yes, I’m totally agree with you, I also can’t find any difference.

    the next version (pluggin) will be what everyone wanted,

    I don’t think so, I analyse that most of people/developers don’t want this plugin, they love standalone.

    What you think, This plugin will win the situation? Nope never,

    I’m afraid, How can biggest sites will move to this plugin.

    And those who just want to run community without WordPress, Will like it?

    off course, they need a separate forum solution.

    And what about those plugins which have developed for bbPresss standalone, Will developers again make them compatible for bbPress plugin?

    I don’t think so.. specially _ck_ will not remake them.

    Community forums is a separate issue, It should remain separate.

    Its a stupid idea to messing it up with WP. My apologies.

    I’m also not happy with those five forums software which you’ve mentioned. They all looks like same including vbulletin. They are complicated, heavy.

    You know which I choose bbPress? because of its motto :)

    yes, its really simple, fast and elegant.

    I don’t know why management remove these “three words” which was the identity of bbPress.

    With Regards,


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