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BBPress and the TruePixel Premium Theme

  • webguru13


    I am so very frustrated…I am getting very very close to completing my website and getting it out in cyberspace…but one problem I am having is that I cannot get the forum in bbpress to work correctly…I have buddypress set up as well and it is working fine…I created a forum page which is showing as a child page under my “community” tab in the main header menu…when going to the forum page there is nothing at all except what I wrote when creating the page…by tutorials I have seen there should be other things showing such as “topics” and “replies” and there is nothing showing up…please help I am so so frustrated…is it that my theme doesn’t support it or do I have to break into code…Also I am afraid to send my login info or any other private info as not sure who all is seeing it….I will be checking back later tonight…I will probably be stuck on this all night as I am determined to figure this out!! Thanks, Rhonda

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  • Hi Rhonda,

    Never give details in here as millions will see it when picked-up by search engines, I agree with that.

    You say you created your own page for the forums. What did you put in it ? Did you put and [] shortcode ?




    No, I just created a page under add new page and made a forum page as I had seen done in tutorials…nothing shows up when I make some dummy forums just to see how it works…they do not show up anywhere…aarrgh so frustrated! Rhonda

    But did you put the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode on that page ?




    Why didn’t you post a link in your other topic, and why did you create another new topic for the same issue??

    Also I tested your theme out and have not come across the same issue you are having. I didn’t need to create a “forum page”, it just worked fine out of the box.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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