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bbPress 1.02 Dutch translation

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  • Thanks a lot!

    doesn’t compltely work out for me. I have the files placed in the my-langages folder,

    Also changed the line in the config file to:

    define( ‘’, ” );

    but nothing changes…



    Maybe there’s a typo in your folder name or just here. It should be my-languages. Then the file needs to be named exactly as the define statement in your bb-config.php file. Is that all true?

    Deze vertaling gebruik ik ook. Het was even een gedoe met de juiste map vinden waar deze ingezet moest worden, maar het is uiteindelijk toch gelukt. Heb ook even de naam gewijzigd van naar

    Thanks a lot for this translation!

    Ok, Still no luck.

    The right folder should be:

    my-languages in the root folder of my bbpress install. (same directory as were the config file lives for example).

    I changed the name of the file to

    At the bottem of my config file I now have this line:

    define( '', '' );

    Is this all correct?

    If so, then why doesn’t it work?!



    The define statement should look like this:

    define( 'BB_LANG', 'nl_NL' );

    if your file is named in the my-languages/ directory

    The format for the name of that file is

    language code_underscore_country so and in the config you drop the .mo

    More info about Dutch for bbPress here:



    In your define statement you defined to be empty, BTW.



    thnx for the help chrishajer!

    all is well now.

    I just had issues reading your comments, and made some small errors…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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