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bbPress 1.0.1 bug-fix released

  • Sam Bauers


    A number of issues have come up since 1.0 was released, mostly minor, but one that was found today justified a minor point release for security reasons.

    bbPress 1.0.1 released

    All bbPress 1.0 users should upgrade to 1.0.1

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  • _ck_


    A reminder to those using 0.9 not to upgrade to 1.0 yet as many of my plugins (and others) do not support 1.0. I will not be addressing plugin upgrades until December.

    1.0.1 changes:

    to download changed files only:

    The meta issue seems the most serious to me.

    Sam Bauers


    The meta bug was pure stupidity on my part. It only caused visible problems in the profile page somehow, but there you go.

    Both that and the “get user by email” issue were enough to force a new release.

    Sam Bauers


    There are also changed files in BackPress which need to be copied over if you do it that way.

    John James Jacoby


    Woop woop!



    Oh I totally forgot about backpress now being automatically dropped in.

    I guess the changed files is not a good idea anymore.

    I still recommend people install SVN as a client if they can on their server, makes life much easier.



    Thanks Sam for the update and to _cK_ as well for posting just the changed files.

    Question for you Sam.

    Does this fix how user roles are mapped between WP and bbPress?

    When a WPMU site administrator makes a forum post in bbPress, in the bbPress admin area, it shows the user as a regular member, instead of a Key Master (or whatever role you setup in bbPress’s user role map to sync up with WordPress).

    The only person who seems to be a Key Master is the WP user who integrated bbPress.

    Is this the way it is supposed to work currently?

    I should also mention that I’m using BuddyPress, so that maybe a contributing factor.



    Hmm.. upgrading……….

    In the next release please also put auto update feature…. like wordpress notifies you to upgrade and then automatically upgrades in a single click….



    well, I made my siteadmin in wpmu the key master, and deleted the keymaster account I used ot isntall. now my key master is shown as inactive, if I refresh he turns back to keymaster…

    do I need all the other roles? I’d have wanted to keep it simple, make all wpmu users memebrs and the site-admin key master that is all roles I need, can I ignore the others/



    @Gautam: the auto-upgrade feature in wordpress requires you to make your directories world-writeable which is very dangerous. Also it “phones home” with all your install info, which I am not certain everyone wants to happen. I suspect it’s unfortunately going to come to bbPress eventually but I wouldn’t be in a rush for it.



    These instructions cover upgrading to version

    Does the upgrade instruction still apply for 1.0.1 or only up to stated version?


    Yep, still works.



    Ipstenu, currently when I upgrade, I skip the part where I have to recreate the bb-config file through the installer, and just keep the old one. It seems to work fine that way, or am I missing something that a new installation would do?

    Basically, this is what I do:

    1 – Deactivate all plugins

    2 – Keep ‘my templates’, ‘my plugins’, bb-config.php, .htaccess

    3 – Delete everything else and replace with the new files

    4 – Go to admin dashboard and reactivate all plugins.

    Seems to work fine.




    See – “All file operations are performed as the user that owns the files, not as the web server’s user. All files are set to 0644 and all directories are set to 0755, and writable by only the user and readable by everyone else, including the web server.”

    Regarding the phoning home “with all your install info” – according to the docs, the only info sent is your version and locale. I haven’t checked this myself.

    Most WordPress users find the “automatic” upgrade very useful, and most bbPress users would too. The sooner it’s available the better, in my opinion, though I don’t know how much work is required to port it from WordPress.

    That works too, @buddha trance :) There’s no ‘upgrade’ with 1.0.1 so you’re not missing anything.

    Following up – I can’t use the recount etc. tools on 1.0.1, but as it turns out, it’s a plugin conflict. With Polldaddy. So if you have that problem, check your plugins first!



    @Ipstenu – thank you for the clarification regarding the upgrade!

    About the recount issue, there was also Simple Onlinelist causing the conflict. If a recount is needed, it will work by deactivating it.

    i just put in the new bbpress

    it all works well apart from when i go into my posts i get this message

    Fatal error: Class ‘BB_User’ not found in /home/a2583606/public_html/forum/bb-plugins/Gravatar/Gravatar.php on line 36

    i hope that someone can help fix this, my forums website is


    Chip Bennett


    Count me among those users who would very much appreciate having the automatic upgrade functionality built into bbPress – either as a plugin or as core.

    (And, I’m loving bbPress 1.0.x!)



    I noticed many of the old constants are not defined anymore by default.

    A few plugins, definitely not all just a few, may be fixed somewhat by adding this to bb-config.php


    Sam Bauers


    @ _ck_

    That is defined for you in bb-settings.php

    if ( !defined( 'BB_LOAD_DEPRECATED' ) ) {
    define( 'BB_LOAD_DEPRECATED', true );

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