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another type of login problem

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  • Stefano Aglietti


    Maybe he doesn’t have the cockies enabled ?



    Both cockies and cookies are enabled, sir!

    Michael Adams (mdawaffe)


    It’s the space.

    Try this plugin:



    Plugin Name: Allow spaces in user names

    Plugin URI:


    function wpbb_user_sanitize( $text, $raw, $strict ) {

    $username = strip_tags($raw);

    // Kill octets

    $username = preg_replace(‘|%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])|’, ”, $username);

    $username = preg_replace(‘/&.+?;/’, ”, $username); // Kill entities

    // If strict, reduce to ASCII for max portability.

    if ( $strict )

    $username = preg_replace(‘|[^a-z0-9 _.-@]|i’, ”, $username);

    return $username;


    add_filter( ‘user_sanitize’, ‘wpbb_user_sanitize’, -1, 3);




    I copied this code into a file called userspace.php and then copied that file into the my-plugins folder. Is there anything else I need to do?

    Professor Stigious is also the keymaster. Is this super problematic?

    btw thank you for your fast response!

    Michael Adams (mdawaffe)


    That snhould be all you need to do (it shouldn’t matter who’s what). But I haven’t actually tested it.

    Please let me know how it goes.



    I’m afraid that it did not work.

    My site is

    my forum is at

    If i can provide any more information that might help please let me know.



    Did not work, I put a print statement in the userspace.php, printing “This code is being executed.” and it showed up, but does not solve the whitespace problem.

    Is there a simple modification to the plugin that can be made to fix this problem?

    Has nobody else had this problem with spaces in the username?

    Strange – it worked for me.

    Make sure that userspace.php has no whitespace before the <?php or after the ?>

    It still does not work. My forum is at

    This is very hacking debugging but I put another print statement in, this time inside the custom function which prints “the code is being executed”

    when the wpbb_user_sanitize function and that does not display on the page at any point during any sort of login, successful or unsuccessful.

    Is there anything else you can suggest?

    Can you paste the entire contents of that file and then post the link here?

    cool site, btw!


    My sincere apologies. I’ve sent you on a wild goose chase. That plugin will only work with the upcoming next release of bbPress.

    Don’t dispair, though. That new release is coming soon.


    ok, no worries! I’m itching for it… itching!

    correct! works now!

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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