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Another newbie in installing BBPRESS

  • I’m running WP 2.7 in my site ( and because it, I choose BBpress Alpha and then I install the bbPress 1.0-alpha-4 into my /forum/ inside the ‘public_html’ (thought from I read, it supposed to be the easiest things to do for installing bbpress).

    after I extract the ZIP file, I send all the content (via FTP) to the /forum/

    Then, I opened the bb-config-sample.php & wp-config.php

    I use ‘localhost’ and only matching the MySQL DB user & pass

    After that went to

    and copy&paste the result into my bb-config-sample.php

    and DONE!

    i just save it as bb-config.php

    then with the Force in my mind, I opened


    I got this:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ‘)’ in /home/insideor/public_html/forum/bb-includes/ on line 2124

    with the curiosity I’m opened the and seeing whats going on in line 2124,

    well.. it is the last line and it says

    function bb_profile_password_form( $id

    could anyone helps me to get my forum build?

    many thanks!

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  • I believe it needs a close parenthesis at the end.

    ETA: and it’ll need a ; after the ) as well..

    Re-upload (and probably all files in bb-includes). It sounds like they got truncated for some reason. You should never need to edit those.



    There are 2868 lines in that file. You’re missing from line 2125 to line 2868.

    You might want to make sure all the files were uploaded properly to prevent unforeseen problems down the road.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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