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admin re-directs to index and unable to post.

  • I’ve just setup bbpress 1.0 with wordpress 2.6.1. The install went fine and I’m logged in as an admin but I’m having a few issues.

    First I cannot get to the admin control panel, when I click the admin link, or enter the url to the admin panel I am taken to the forum index.

    Second issue (not sure if they are linked) is when I click add post, or want to reply to a post the text entry box / form is not there.

    Anyone able to help me fix these issues?

    Many thanks.

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  • Try logging in and out, I sometimes get this problem and that fixed it.

    Thanks for the reply, i’ve tried logging out and back in, and also re-installing the system but it’s still doing the same.

    Any other ideas?



    You may be logged in as admin, but whichever user you are logged in as does not have the authority to administer the forum. I think think that’s why you get redirected.

    Does this help?

    Do other links work and just the admin link redirects you to the home page? If other links do not work, you might have issues with permalinks and the mod_rewrite rules.



    Also, be sure to clear all the cookies and try logging in again.

    tried clearing cookies too, still have the same issue :(

    I have the same problem even after installation on localhost (WP 2.7 + bbP 1.0a3)

    John James Jacoby


    My guess is you’ve integrated your BBP install inside your WP using the config.php inclusion. That will cause that exact problem.

    Even if you have integration set up perfectly, if you login from WordPress you will not get the correct cookies set to be able to access the bbPress admin area.

    Also, if you are doing what johnjamesjacoby describes above you will get a similar problem as the bbPress roles will get squashed by WordPress.

    There is a fix for both of these problems available, but it is only tested with WordPress 2.7

    Had the same problem, just logged out and logged in again but in the bbpress admin section solved the problem.

    Ben L.


    plop, are you using integration? If so, what versions of bbPress and WordPress are you using, and what are their URLs?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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