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Add a forum specific sidebar!

  • benjito


    I seem to have the opposite problem to everyone else and i can’t get the “bbPress WP Tweaks” forum sidebar to display instead of the default one. (yes i have reset permalinks, yes i have added widgets to the sidebar).

    Every forum page continues to just show the default sidebar.

    I am using the Customizr theme and suspect this may be the issue? Can anyone suggest anything else obvious i may be missing?

    I also have a separate issue with the “forums” landing page which may be linked.

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  • Button9


    I am also using Customizr and having the same problem plus some more. When I set the permalink to .forums it doesn’t matter what I write on the page the following strange text just shows (and no bbpress sidebar):


    Search for: Välkommen! › Forum Forum Topics Posts Freshness 1. Grundutbildning 0 0 No Topics 2. Vidareutbildning 0 0 No Topics 3. Skoning 0 0 No Topics 4. Smide 0 0 No Topics 5. Hovsjukdomar 0 0 No Topics 6. Journalföring 0 0 No Topics 7. Övrigt 0 0 No Topics

    If I change the permalink .forums to something else and write [bbp-forum-index] the forum shows up nicely but together with my default sidebar. I am using Instant WordPress to build my site locally and I know that there are some limits due to that, for instance I can’t write any posts in the forum. Maybe all these problems will be solved when going online?



    Hi Button9,

    I also have that problem and have posted seperately about it.

    Robin W


    Ok, I’ve found that the bbpress tweaks sidebar can fail to work although populated. I have had this afger doing updates to themes and/or wodpress.

    No idea why, but the following seems to fix it, so please try and PLEASE come back and say if successful or whether it’s just my installation.

    1. Deactivate bbpress tweaks
    Dashboard>plugins>bbpress tweaks>deactivate

    2. Go into widgets

    And look at the bottom of the left hand side. You’ll see an “inactive sidebar”, with your entries on
    Below this is an “inactive widgets”
    Drag all the entries from the inactive sidebar to the inactive widgets area.
    This them allows wordpress to delete the sidebar
    3. I normally log out and in again at this stage – probably not needed, but I’ve never bothered to check

    Then basically reverse the above
    4. Re-enable bbpress tweaks
    You see the bbpress sidebar returns
    5. Drag the entries back from the inactive widgets area to the sidebar

    It then seems to function again

    let us know if this works for you



    Hi Robin, I tried what you said (exactly, including logging out) and I’m afraid it didn’t work for me. I still see the blog sidebar with about 8 widgets in it, and not the bbpress sidebar with just one (trial) widget in it.

    I note that others talk about changing the permalinks and I haven’t done that because I’m not sure exactly what they mean.

    I really want to get this sorted, and I’d prefer not to have to do it by changing some of the php files, because I’m a very rough php coder! I wonder whether there’s anything else I should do that is so obvious to everyone that they’re not saying it, but it’s not obvious to me.It would be good if we could work out a definitive set of instructions, because a lot of people seem to have this issue.

    Robin W


    Resetting permalinks is easy. Just go into the dashboard>settings>permalinks and then just click save, this doesn’t change anything, but does a reset.

    If that doesn’t work, come back with your url

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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