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A single topic forum requiring password

  • Be-Sting


    I just completed building my forums in Version 4.2.4 and very pleased. I’m a mere 10 days new to WordPress, buddyPress and bbPress so be easy on me.

    My main forums require membership. I want 4 private and separate forums, each requiring a separate password for 4 separate private memberships.

    I’ve built the 4 pages, each requiring 4 different passwords and they work great. How do I put a forum on one of the pages, assuming that all four would require the same procedure. Correct?

    A related question. One of the forums is called “Women Only Club” and so I require gender as a radio button during membership application for that exact reason. (I’m in one of the last industries where women want their own forum, so no PC required.) Can I make a system requirement for joining the “Women Only Clue” automatic only to women so the system returns the password without processing each myself?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Robkk


    Password Protection is tricky, there is way to do it, but it can be easy to get past because of the forum permalinks. You could use bbPress Private Groups for each membership if I remember correctly.

    For your second question it might be possible to do this with bbPress Private Groups too.

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