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Should I Stop Using bbpres Standalone Version Right Now?

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    I saw that bbpress is now making a plugin instead of standalone install.

    So What should I do? I’m on the final stage to launch my site where I’ve used almost 100 plus bbpress standalone installs.

    So here are my question?

    1. Will New plugin meet my site’s criteria?

    2. Will will closed after plugin’s announcement?

    3. Will bbPress Standalone shutdown after plugin’s availability?

    4. Can We will easily able to switch from standalone to plugin without data losing?

    5. is there a function to launch multiple boards like wpmu?

    because I’m using multiple installs for my various boards.

    6. will there need for integration specially ( cookies integration ) with this new plugin.

    7. what about bbPress plugins? after bbpress plugin version will they all useless?

    8. Or we will be able to use bbpress standalone plugins with bbpress plugin software?

    9. Should I launch my site or still wait for plugin availability?

    10. When this bbpress plugin version will be available for public?

    Do you people have answers for these questions?

    Do you people have any suggestions for my site?

    Do you people have any ideas how can I achieve bbpress multiuser like WPMU functionality? after plugin’s availability??

    I’m really afraid, I really don’t know what to do right now.

    I’m working on my site from almost last 10 months. I don’t want to lose everything if this plugin will be launched, Is it possible? Because I was working with bbpress Standalone Version. :(

    I hope you people will guide me Now what to do….




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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Those are some excellent questions.

    Sadly, the good folks behind bbPress have decided not to communicate with us, infact the Project Lead left 4 months ago when a moderator dared ask him a question.

    Do you people have answers for these questions?

    Nope. None. Not one. We have 0 idea.

    Will will closed after plugin’s announcement?

    No, I doubt it.

    The folks at Automattic have dropped the ball on bbPress for a number of years, but that sort of thing isn’t their style. They do truly wish to make as many people happy as possible, and closing this website (or not maintaining it in the way that the bbPress documentation site became a porn site) really would be a bad thing, and they are good folks.



    By the bbPress documentation site… are you referring to Sam’s personal wiki that he set up before he joined Automattic?



    In other topic other say that bbPress plugin come soon?



    If you worked on your site for 10 months, and have 100 bbPress installations, you launch it. What happens to bbPress after you launch does not matter to you. If the software you have installed works, use it. Don’t wait around for anything new.

    My opinion



    By the bbPress documentation site… are you referring to Sam’s personal wiki that he set up before he joined Automattic?

    Might be mate. I knew it was to do with Sam, but didn’t know it was his own and from a time when he wasn’t with Automattic. At the risk of derailing, how expensive is a domain name to renew? (not that I’m not a fan of the shemale subdomain – buy me a bottle of wine, send the kids out, and it’s my friday night)

    The realism is, if the bbPress plugin is that far advanced, and thats a really awesome thing for the huge number of people who’ll preffer that option, we will only get more and more questions/topics/posts like the one above. And the Original Poster asked alot of exact and pertenant questions…

    The big thing for me though is this:

    1) If, according to Matt, the release schedule was meant to be bbPress1.1, then bbPress plugin work would be after that, are we realistically at a stage where that’s been turned around without any communication?

    2) Does that mean that there was development resources for bbPress plugin, but not for bbPress standalone, and the community thats been attempting to suppotr it for years? It didn’t develop itself…

    3) bbPress1.1 can’t be released until the next 2 versions of BackPress are out (as well as our own current task list – which is small thanks to Gautam et all). Jane’s post contains timescales which suggest that bbPress plugin will be used sooner than that (of course it may not be released publicly at that time).

    The whole thing just feels very underhanded, y’know. Even if it’s not (and I truly doubt anyone’s attempting to be machevelian) the evidence to back up that gut feeling just keeps on coming.

    • It’s been 163 days since we’ve had a blog post.
    • Over 100 (that I can see) since the Project Lead has been on the IRC.
    • Over 100 days since the Project lead posted on the forum.
    • 7 weeks since the Project Lead used our trac (and that was to delete the 0.9 milestone without telling anyone for another 3 weeks).

    No wonder people think badly of the information they get from here.



    I just thought that was an unfair shot at Sam, is all.

    It’s kind of depressing visiting bbPress lately. A lot of posts end up turning into discussions about how bbPress leadership has failed us.

    I used to answer support questions on a regular basis but it’s not fun to do so when so many threads turn relentlessly negative.

    Just some thoughts,




    (post too old as I pressed Edit – sorry)


    Edit: To answer John:

    It wasn’t a dig at Sam mate. Not at all. I wasn’t a fan of Sam’s management style here, but felt he got dealt a difficult hand to play with the backPress 180 on him, and I’m a very big fan of his code in 1.0. The bbPulp site did become a pron site while an Automattic employee, and again, if there had been a post that it wasn’t going to be renewed so that anyone who wanted the data could copy it and start it again – bam, problem solved.

    If it looked like, or was taken as a sly dig at Sam, i apologise entirely, it wasn’t meant that way.

    Take Jane@wordpress’s post that started all of these questions. She’s giving people a heads up. She’s spreading information out to the community, so at least interested parties can answer general questions. Information then Action works best, the people at Automattic taught me that, because the do it so very well with WordPress :)



    @ chrishajer I really like your opinion, Thanks

    @ kevinjohngallagher thanks for your huge participation,

    infact the Project Lead left 4 months ago when a moderator dared ask him a question.

    but I think its not a big deal if someone have asked a question to leader about bbPrees project.

    Second, Its my suggestion that bbPress standalone software should remain alive after bbPress plugins availability, because who loves standalone they can use it. and those people who want to use plugin then they can use it from worpdress plugin’s directory.



    Gautam Gupta


    10 hours back, there was a commit by matt – [2450]

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