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  • Hi jamesgraham,

    jepp, after all, I had to add “status_header(301)” whenever the “wp_redirect()” was used within different scripts. Unfortunately, there was no success by changing the function wp_redirect() directly… So, I searched through all files to change the funtion-call by adding the status header – about 10-15 times. I didn’t really remember where… but at least it is was easy to find.

    After a while… It seems that anyone else is facing this problem with bbpress. So, I did a research… and I found a solution for my problem. Maybe there are others around need a way to solve this problem. As far as I understand it is a bug, cause wp-redirect sets a wrong status header. If you add a line saying:



    wp_redirect( $re );

    is called within bb-login.php, all is going well.

    Hi ear1grey, jepp, you are right… Maybe I am too spoilt by all the coders work on wordpress. In fact, bbpress is a good point to start with, and the idea of having a forum and a blog coming right from “one-stop” is the right decision. So, don’t get me wrong! It is really a wish of mine to have it all “together” and tools get merged this way.

    The only thing I want to highlight is, that – I’m not a coder from nature, but a tinckerer – it is not as easy as it sounds to set up the forum and integrate it into a running blog; first of all, if you are using wordpress for more than only as a “blogging-machine”. So, I will report

    all bugs I find and – if it is possible for me, give advice how to fix it. In case I have the courage… as mentioned, I’m a tinckerer, not a coder.

    Mmmmh. Tried it and got: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /path/to/bbpress/bb-includes/capabilities.php on line 27”, it is the part with “function get_roles()”. Maybe it is beacuase I have defined a role “Key Master” within WordPress (with the plugin Role Manager)?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)