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    Is Matt planning to just “nuke” all the existing content on ?

    That’s what I’ve been saying for friggin 3 months.

    Why do the biggest plugin devs here keep wasting hours/weeks/years dealing with Matt and his falsely-seeming-reasonable “team”?


    Who is ready to fork this community into a standalone project for Christ’s sake? Why the hesitation people? I know you aren’t lazy. So what is it exactly… you are trying to be political here? Screw that. And screw Matt.

    sure am glad we need to play detective to know 2 cents about anything regarding bbpress.

    @yutt, your wish will be granted soon enough, don’t worry. actually, matt probably won’t start this site over ( he will just delete it forever, along with all content and standalone packages.

    then, he will probably steal half of _ck_’s code (along with a few others), silently, without any acknowledgement.

    which is why, regardless of how anyone feels about matt or a plugin or whatever, there should be a fork of some kind for bbpress. at least we can preserve a standalone version and work out some kinks and have a safety net setup before matt blows us into oblivion.

    @kevin, what do u mean? the 1.1 fixes are cuz the majority of ppl who install bbpress support a standalone version. why give up now?

    and the next person who says “screw a standalone, bbpress isn’t meant as a standalone” needs to save their breath.

    also what’s with all the vanilla salesmen? the whole point is that bbpress could be the best standalone forum software out there, esp. when you factor in the fact that along the road of many web projects some devs will decide they want to tie it in with wordpress at some point.


    Why are you seeking to fork WP and backpress?

    If we fork bbpress and make it standalone, that would solve half the world’s problems. No point to think about backpress until the creators of backpress become more clear about their goals for it, etc… right?

    @_ck_, okay. I’ll fork if you fork. Seriously. You have the power to get 50 of us following after you, and I know at least 2 big coders who would probably follow. I’m a nobody, please remember.

    @mr_pelle, EXACTLY.

    @zaerl, sounds like you support a FORK too?


    And screw trying to heal bbpress’ relationship with Matt, it will never happen guys. WAKE UP. The man-child has too much pride to apologize and fix this mess. He will let it die on purpose, or suddenly delete this whole site and turn bbpress into a plugin of WP and remove all access to the old bbpress code and repositories if we let this crap continue.

    We need to mirror this entire domain’s code and plugins onto another server before its too late.

    Even if we wanted to harass Matt into giving us answers, he still wouldn’t do it. Seriously if bbpress is going to survive as a forum software, we need to FORK IT NOW.

    He didn’t reply to me

    NO SURPRISE there huh.

    0.9 … 1.0 … 1.1

    How is anyone supposed to understand what is going on with all these releases. How can any reasonable and hard working member of the bbpress community still be in support of Matt?

    Matt’s claims in IRC were now 6 months ago. You really believe them?

    And again I say that TRAC and IRC logs are NOT true “public” records. What is the point of the bbpress forum? Just to test out the software?


    a) bug the living hell out of Matt until we get answers … or

    b) fork bbPress July 2010

    Matt already hates/ignores/constantly-lies-to bbPress anyway, so its a no-loss set of options above. He has obviously reached the state of being a super rich, “content” guy who doesn’t give a crap about anything anymore, which is great and congratulations to him, but screw his rudeness and immaturity and let’s arrive at some new plans of action.

    I am not attacking citizenkeith or anyone else on a personal level. I’m attacking the users that keep trying to derail this thread and/or these important issues with petty condescending whining. These issues are critical and to employ playground politics is retarded and wastes everyone’s time.

    Matt: if you read this, you only have one viable option at this point buddy, which is offer a sincere apology, update the blog, guide the devs to decide on a branch and future plans with WP plugin/standalone options, and INFORM the bbpress community of your decisions…


    Your response is appreciated. Maybe a mod can copy paste your answers into a sticky thread. Any email response from Matt yet?

    So mdawaffe is the only confirmed webmaster for, and he doesn’t seem to pay attention to any feedback or bugs. I guess that has been confirmed at least… Chris, do you have access or not? This really ain’t the biggest concern right now, but it would help the community to know who deals with this site, as Matt does not actively. For one thing, a bunch of plugin coders have repeatedly requested access to updating their old plugin files and better access to maintaining their plugin’s “page” or information. This is whay I mean by “higher ups” – its great that 3-4 devs are having private IRC chats together and exchanging emails, but last time I checked, the point of an open source community is that everyone is communicating and sharing developments regularly and publicly. Hell, this forum itself barely has any staff or moderators to speak of. And even the forum regulars have no way to get in touch with “higher ups” even if they wanted to, so bbpress is 99% hearsay at this point. BIG PROBLEM.

    Also, if bbpress is 90% becoming a WP plugin, why hasn’t this process been decided on or initiated yet? Will it be initiated after the 1.0.3 release?

    Coders and designers want and need to know these answers guys. I’m only speaking up for the silent majority and dozens of unanswered threads, this is not just my personal rant.

    @citizenkeith, thanks for providing another example of bored whiny bbpress trolls. If only we could get rid of users like you, we might have more progress around here.


    I just said that is was set and at that time there were no open tickets for 1.0.3 as far as I remember (and it was new then). Also, it is Gautam.

    Not really following you completely, but from what it sounds like, you just keep proving that nothing in TRAC is reliable. Deadlines aren’t met, or even cared about really, tickets are ignored by those in power, (let alone shared with the public, and NO, 99% of users don’t know about TRAC)… and overall, coordination is appalling, at best.

    If you choose to hold onto the wishful idea that TRAC and deadlines and work are all peachy keen and your work is worthwhile, then by all means, keep going… ignorance is bliss after all. Hell if I worked as hard as some of you guys, I would be spitting bullets about now…

    So since Kevin wants me to address specifics, here are my questions, to the entire bbpress community:

    1) When is 1.0.3 coming out. Seriously. What day? (when I check the “bbpress company blog” I seem to only see hacked up IRC chat logs from 5 months back… so much for “official sounding” posts, huh!)

    2) Who (names?) has editing rights to

    3) Is bbpress definitely becoming a WP plugin?

    4) If bbpress becomes a WP plugin, will it also remain standalone?

    5) How will bbpress plugins be integrated into a proposed WP plugin?

    6) What exactly is backpress, and what is it’s status?

    7) Who (names?) is in charge of updates/commits/releases for bbpress at this moment?

    8) How can plugin devs update their bbpress plugins and stay in touch with higher ups?

    That should be enough for now. Please, no condescending answers, since we are aiming for “maturity” in this thread from here on out. This is not just for me, but the community, remember. Even if I’m an immature idiot with false hope…

    @Guatam, oh. LOL. I thought there was a new due date, but I guess I should have realized you were referring to the April 2010 date, which only serves to once again prove that nothing about bbpress TRAC is reliable. I love your work here, and I’m sorry to upset you with my bluntness, but even the “devs” who “check trac” are ignored by matt 90% of the time, so, just want to put that out there as gently as possible.

    They say dictatorships are efficient, and maybe that’s true, but only when the dictator is awake and involved. When the dictator is on constant “out of office” status, then all you have is a bunch of peasants (?) working hard for the king (for free) who foolishly think he is paying attention to their efforts and words.

    @Kevin, p.s. no offense (actually yes, offense), but please stop trolling if you have nothing new to say (especially since you are obnoxiously hypocritical). You waste *precious* thread space by trying to nitpick others’ verbiage with whiny condescending comments. Let alone, the irony of you making *worthwhile* bbpress discussions even more distracted and ineffective then they already are. I recommend you join a political forum or something so you can get that crap out of your system before you dump on every night.

    For the record, most people don’t enjoy broadcasting their name, photo, and a list of continents they have saved onto the internet.

    @reboot now,

    Talk of forking is never premature when the community has gone 2 years with chaos and barely any progress. You say we must wait for devs to lead the way. No we don’t. We *would* need to fork, and then worry about how to re-organize from there (if supported by multiple ppl).

    Regarding edit privileges, AGAIN… who the hell has them? another example of matt not being clear, or at least proof that whoever HAS edit privileges (maybe the few you mentioned) don’t give a rat’s arse about listening to feedback.

    Also. IM SICK of people saying “look at TRAC… look at TRAC” … who the hell looks at TRAC? And who the hell actually listens to and implements what is said on TRAC (re: bbpress)? Nobody and barely anybody with power, respectively! TRAC is mostly time wasted back and forth and tickets eventually being rejected or closed by matt or others, or shoved off into the big, vague, undefined world of “backpress.”

    THERE IS NO POINT to contribute to trac when matt IGNORES EVERYTHING and nothing has gotten anywhere for 2 friggin years. Why funnel feedback to the top of the chain when only one person, who doesn’t care or listen anyway, is the only person able to activate them?

    @Gautam, what due date was set for 1.0.3 cuz I have never come across one, and I know about 20,000 users who would love to know as well.

    @Kevin, you are finally starting to come around, but I won’t scare you off with praise.

    This is not a “bashing” thread. But if that’s the word you want to use, then yah, maybe matt does deserve a bit of bashing when he disrepects all of us this much.

    You can’t really compare open source internet communities to anything in real life. this is not CEO matt or volunteer matt. this is matt, the one dude who has the key to bbpress and refuses to let anyone in the door.

    Its perfectly reasonable to demand more from him, and call him out on his crap. christ people, this ain’t The Apprentice.

    FORKPRESS 1.1 … July 2010?

    Let’s hear from some of the biggest plugin developers people.

    Let’s hear anything for christ’s sake. Spill your thoughts, PLEASE.

    If we want things to change, action is needed. Inaction will simply keep things how they are, with crippling wishful thinking.

    There is no need to feel abandoned by WP… if we retain our own community with our own goals and our own work.

    Look how fast myBB is growing right now, the world is desperate for alternatives to hacking SMF and phpBB to work with a CMS like WP.

    The fact alone that bbpress supports SEO friendly URLs is keeping this software alive, I swear to god.

    Case in point Kevin. You probably own a $3000 macbook and joined peace corps, and can’t help condescend to everyone while playing the “i’m just reasonable hero” card. You flat out insult _ck_ while attacking me at the same time. Stop wasting time with your egotistical games. Either be a part of bbpress and defend our community, or get out. But trying to play all sides doesn’t work.

    Matt didn’t write bbpress – not as it exists today anyway.

    My point, before Kevin started talking about how he saved Africa, is that we are the ones who have been building this software for 3 years, and we need to demand more from matt (i.e. control). He’s not a freakin’ volunteer for christ’s sake, he owns a company and is a millionaire.

    WE are bbpress, and WE are all on the same team (except when people start condescending to each other). And we need to NOT suck up to matt. We need to demand bbpress retains the community it deserves… and not let lazy matt keep wasting everyone’s time and efforts!

    Nobody cares if he is busy. This community exists and deserves fair treatment and deserves to develop itself if its long-lost leader is screwing the pooch for 3 friggin’ years.

    Why the heck does everyone continue to think this is up to matt and keep sucking up to him? That’s the whole point people, we all built the code and all the plugins, what in god’s name does matt have to do with this anymore besides what… owning the domain name?

    Yes matt is a nice smart guy, but he doesn’t have a HEART for bbpress. He has the brain, but not the heart, is my point. And right now he’s not even using his brain for bbpress so what’s the point of your compliments to him, a rattled nervous praise to *hope* he doesn’t delete

    Nobody is asking for his time, or efforts! We are just asking that he LET GO of the reigns that he obviously has no interest in holding himself. And by the way, you shouldn’t accuse me of insulting matt, when he is the one that INSULTS US regularly… we are on the same team yo! We can build and take care of this project without him if he would just let people that have a heart for the bbpress project access the server and define goals and deadlines for the project.

    Letting bbpress go the route of a WP plugin is just matt’s round about way of saying “f*ck off” I’m gonna kill this community and sweep it under the rug into the “not so regularly updated” plugin world.

    And as _ck_ said, if it becomes a plugin, then what the heck happens to the bbpress plugins? You can’t install plugins of plugins!

    I don’t know _ck_ well but I know she practically built half the code on this site by herself. That shows HEART. And I know there are others too with just as much heart, like Gautam, etc. I’m not here to play politics, please don’t try and interpret my words! Kevin man you are exactly what I’m talking about, you are smart and have HEART, but you won’t stop playing this nerdy suckup game as if one day matt is going to take you out to dinner. HE WONT. So please stop sucking up and let’s get this stuff done brother!

    If you ask me, I think we should bug matt until he gives in. Emails, blog comments, whatever. He will get the point.

    Or do you have another 2 years to waste?… cuz I don’t. Notice how this site’s Alexa rate is a steady 12k… the entire world is waiting on this mates! Don’t THROW IT AWAY!

    p.s. I’m not hiding behind a fake identity. I’m not a “well known” member of bbpress so don’t fret y’all…

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