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Bottom improvements and bbPress as a `plugin`

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  • chrishajer


    Good catch Gautam. It was discussed in the dev chat yesterday:



    If the bbPress plugin is at that stage already (can be released onto a website in the next 2 months), what we doing bloating up bbpress standalone with all this nonsence in 1.1 ??

    What point use today bbPress standalone, if bbPress plugin is made soon? I wait it, because i and my users need plugin forum to my WordPress. In my forum bbPress is very fast and good but i delete it some months ago because 200 members doesn’t post more than 1-10 messages per week… :(

    Per day 50-100 unique and nothing from AdSense. My blog AdSense is 100 €/month and 1 000 unique per day. I think plugin is better for unique to forum and for good AdSense to forum. :)

    I’m excited to see this news. Soon WP will be supported again. Also, the 5 people who spam this community with their personal outrage daily will give up and use Vanilla, like they should have from the beginning.

    I’m hoping matt deletes this entire site soon and restarts from scratch using the same URL.

    Gautam Gupta


    You can also check the bbPress WordPress plugin log here –

    sure am glad we need to play detective to know 2 cents about anything regarding bbpress.

    @yutt, your wish will be granted soon enough, don’t worry. actually, matt probably won’t start this site over ( he will just delete it forever, along with all content and standalone packages.

    then, he will probably steal half of _ck_’s code (along with a few others), silently, without any acknowledgement.

    which is why, regardless of how anyone feels about matt or a plugin or whatever, there should be a fork of some kind for bbpress. at least we can preserve a standalone version and work out some kinks and have a safety net setup before matt blows us into oblivion.

    @kevin, what do u mean? the 1.1 fixes are cuz the majority of ppl who install bbpress support a standalone version. why give up now?

    and the next person who says “screw a standalone, bbpress isn’t meant as a standalone” needs to save their breath.

    also what’s with all the vanilla salesmen? the whole point is that bbpress could be the best standalone forum software out there, esp. when you factor in the fact that along the road of many web projects some devs will decide they want to tie it in with wordpress at some point.



    It’s good that bbpress is still somewhere in the list but don’t kid yourself, you won’t see bbPress as a stable WP plugin this year. It would take a great deal of work to make it happen, Matt would have to assign a dedicated coder which he is not likely to do.

    Even if all backward compatibility was completely ignored (which will likely happen) it still could not likely be released this year.

    Sam indirectly helped quite a bit by all his work in making 1.x use backpress but there will still have to be major refactoring. JJJ’s plugin attempt still uses backpress. But they can’t do that as an official WordPress plugin, the overhead would be staggering and would instantly get a bad reputation.

    I am begging anyone that will listen to NOT call it bbPress because there will be major confusion. There will be nearly ZERO compatibility with all previous bbPress themes, plugins and advice. The entire forum will become a mess of tangled support questions for standalone vs plugin version questions.

    Then there will be bbPress plugins that are actually installed into WordPress to supplement bbPress. That will certainly confuse newbies.

    Just call it the wp-forums plugin or something like that and make a sub-forum for support on – leave for the standalone version.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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