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  • the easiest way would be a link to a zip to download it I think :)

    I just tried to piece it together with the information from the sourcecode … and I think it might be done, but for me it looked easier to build it new.

    The CSS file as jonlandrum metioned would be a start for it, but it’s still a bit of work to do because it doesn’t use all the same id’s (like rap instead of wrapper).

    I should have made that sooner because it could have caused confusion. The Link in the first posting no longer shows the first template because I changed the template, cause of problems that coud happen with google.

    That’s how the first one looks like:


    can some Mod change the link in the first posting pls? :)

    I also added a note at the template that people should keep the policys in mind – I will try to make one that is more policy friendly :)


    thanks a lot – I will think of somethink else then … the idea startet when I seen this template here:


    i wanted to put the forumslist to the right side to be there fixed like the one in the link … but when I tried it gave me some php errors … thats too much php knowledge that I don’t have


    I read something about problems with the google policy but I am not really at home with this whole policy stuff … do you know what I have to change so that there wont be trouble?


    “The more templates the better!”

    I think so too :o)

    It really helped me with WordPress that there have been so many themes when I started.

    I have made another one btw





    Simple template – just made some changes on the main template.

    Should it be an exact copy oder do you just want to have the same structure ?

    All you would have to do is write menue to the header – put the hottags part from the side to the top – and for the rest – .. that’s how i made it – put an extra div in every php file that gets loaded like forums or topic – it is a bit tricky to find all places where u have to add the div – but i don’t know much about php and i managed it (if the code of my first bbPress template wouldn’t be so messy I’d say u could have a look at how I done it .. :) )

    was is that what u wanted to know about how to do it ?

    if u still need someone to do it for u tell me – i ll do it if it wont get postet and i can find some time for it :)


    thx for this thread – i have been searching too :)

    i don’t know if it might be useful but i don’t know why that happend so i just post it here:

    it now works with this code:

    <?php tag_heat_map( 10, 20, ‘px’, 20); ?>

    but before tried the same with:

    <?php tag_heat_map( 10, 26, ‘px’, 20); ?>

    same line – only one number different – and it showed 26px as minimum and one of the bigger ones had 42px size

    anyone knows why?

    I don’t know much about php and i can’t imagine how this could be a bug – but i don’t know how this can happen either

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)