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Template of this forum??

  • gregory9885


    Has anyone made a template of this forum? Or does anyone know how to do this. It would be really helpful to me.

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  • weirdtherapy


    Should it be an exact copy oder do you just want to have the same structure ?

    All you would have to do is write menue to the header – put the hottags part from the side to the top – and for the rest – .. that’s how i made it – put an extra div in every php file that gets loaded like forums or topic – it is a bit tricky to find all places where u have to add the div – but i don’t know much about php and i managed it (if the code of my first bbPress template wouldn’t be so messy I’d say u could have a look at how I done it .. :) )

    was is that what u wanted to know about how to do it ?

    if u still need someone to do it for u tell me – i ll do it if it wont get postet and i can find some time for it :)




    im just not very familiar with this and i was wondering if there was an easy way of just putting files in the template folder.

    Well, I’m not using bbpress just yet, but as far as the look goes you can just snag the CSS file, assuming Matt doesn’t care. Also, weirdtherapy has a good point in that pasting the CSS file in your directory won’t necessarily work; you’ll have to put in the hooks and whatnot that they use here.



    the easiest way would be a link to a zip to download it I think :)

    I just tried to piece it together with the information from the sourcecode … and I think it might be done, but for me it looked easier to build it new.

    The CSS file as jonlandrum metioned would be a start for it, but it’s still a bit of work to do because it doesn’t use all the same id’s (like rap instead of wrapper).



    would anyone be interested in doing this for me? is it hard / take too much time to do?

    I have a basic template clone of this forum, but I am awaiting the OK from the big boys upstairs to let me release it. Stay tuned!


    Um, I don’t see why it’d be a problem though.. but, it’s always better safe then sorry. ;) :) However, someone made a WordPress theme, based on the support forums theme.. so.. I dunno.. we’ll have to wait and see what the Uppy Ups say I guess.. =P


    /If it’s a no-go, it might be because they’d want their own “signature” forum theme.. who knows though.. =P

    I haven’t heard back, so why not. I am not saying for sure that everything is going to work on this one. Backup your current my-templates/ folder and then test with this one:

    Trent’s bbPress Default Template


    I had to change the download link to my new server. Download works again.


    Trent your theme doesn’t work plus your download link doesn’t work either I had to search elseware for the template. Where can I get a working version? your link should be

    For sure the link for my blog entry is here. How do mean “doesn’t work”? You mean the download version or the actual theme? The theme works. I have my forum on it right now…..will change this in a day or so back to my main theme though….just showing everyone it works!


    I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work with 8.0 or 8.1 when I select that theme its the default theme all messed up. Is there something else that needs to be enabled on the server? because wordpress and all other software I’ve intalled on this server works fine. Maybe its an incompatability with php5?

    I get what looks to be a liquid layout design from this theme when I install it.

    Really? Does anyone have a URL of this theme installed so I can take a look at it? It was working fine for me on 0.8 and now with TRAC. If I could see it installed somewhere else, maybe I can figure out what is wrong with it!


    This is what it looks like with the theme activated:

    Ok….I see the problem….I doesn’t want to import the other stylesheet. I will have to change it to a format much like the binary moon template I did. I will fix it right away here and then post again for you all to try it.


    My stupidity! It should be working now with the same link.


    Thanks trent I will give this a try and let you know.

    Excellent it works many thanks to you and great template. :)


    Take a look at a minute it apears as though the search button is in the wrong place, and it shows like that in IE and FireFox.

    The login form is also fairly differently organised (with the original theme making better use of the space).

    I am sure they both are not the same as this forum! I just copied across the stylesheets and then moved a few things around. If I get a chance I might take a closer look at it this weekend, but I was really getting something of a basic template for others to use, not quite 100% perfection as I did it in about 20 minutes…..;)


    Well none the less its a fantastic design and I know a bit about css so I will mess around with it and see if I can get that search button up an to the left.

    I can fix it for sure and will get it done before the end of the weekend! Cheers!


    Also you may want to take a look at the profile page, you can do that right here in this forum. the Profile, Edit, Favorites bar drifts all the way to the right of the screen. I tried altering the style sheet but it had no effect.

    #profile-menu {

    list-style: none;

    position: absolute;

    right: 0;


    #profile-menu li {

    font-size: 1.1em;

    background-color: #eee;

    padding: 4px 7px;

    display: inline;

    border-top: 3px double #9e9e9e;

    position: relative;

    top: -10px;


    TheGunMan, I too have been messing with the style sheet, trying to fix the floating Profile, Edit and Favorites bar. No luck. You get anywhere?

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