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  • In reply to: 1970 issue

    db table bb_topics -> row topic_time is datetime and picks time from server ? check if server time is correct .. maybe

    did you add the topic manually?

    for rss ? ok..

    the remove_filter “plugin” works :)

    Thank you very much

    No, not the replies .. only topic/number .. same as you ..

    In reply to: Create a blank page

    aha .. thank you wery much!

    yes .. i have the same .. replies=number .. but only multiviews in my htaccess. Why the replies in the url ?

    In reply to: bbSync

    it was a test plugin .. i tried to understand the db relationships, and i did .. now i know now how to update a post tag .. so there is nothing usable? :) ok

    Applause :)

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    ive just updated the file .. my tag array seems dissapear ?

    Edit: fixed..

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    Should i continue working on this wp plugin ? or is it just crap/unnecessary ?

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    fel.. cant get any results .. i know the sql string works ( tried in phpmyadmin)

    global $wpdb;

    if ($taglist = $wpdb->get_results($chk_sql))


    Edit: nevermind.. was a is_numeric that break the function somehow

    In reply to: bbSync

    What db stuff exists? $bbdb->get_col($sql) .. get_row ? get_array ?

    ok .. activated manually with the code .. worked, act_code is gone.

    Keep up the good work

    In reply to: bbSync

    that was just a test if i understand the relationships between the tables. I can probably write a own plugin that updataes the tags bb_tags etc. but thats not a good solution

    Great! .. im gonna try it right now :) brb..

    Update 1: No mail yet. Dont know if i have set that up correct. Can see this in phpmyadmin, in wp_users..

    ID : 2

    user_login : xxxxxxx

    user_pass : 63db6f94498b383aa4eebb38b9d41505

    user_nicename :

    user_email :

    user_url :

    user_registered : 2007-11-26 08:21:45

    user_activation_key :

    user_status : 0

    display_name :

    user_activation_key shouldnt be empty ?

    Update 2: in wp_usermeta..

    umeta_id : 12

    user_id : 2

    meta_key : act_code

    meta_value : 12345678 (eight numbers & letters value)

    dammit! this is a winxp test server with wamp.. dont think mail() works here :(

    In reply to: bbSync

    Yess .. i did it..

    Wrote some lines that gets a posts TAGS .. how do i proceed ?

    // Fetch a WP posts tags by Kent

    $db_type = 'mysql';
    $db_host = 'localhost';
    $db_name = 'xxxxx';
    $db_user = 'xxxxx';
    $db_pass = 'xxxxx';

    // Just picked one, for testing.
    $post_id = "6";

    @mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass) or die ("Couldnt connect to database!");
    @mysql_select_db($db_name) or die ("Couldnt select the requested MySQL table!");

    $fetch_post_tags = mysql_query("
    wp_posts.ID AS POID,
    wp_term_relationships.object_id AS RELID,
    wp_term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id AS TAXID,
    wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy AS TAXONO,
    wp_term_taxonomy.term_id AS TAX_TERID,
    wp_terms.term_id AS TERID, AS HOT_TAG_NAME
    (wp_posts.ID = wp_term_relationships.object_id AND wp_posts.ID = '$post_id')
    (wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = 'post_tag' AND wp_term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id = wp_term_taxonomy.term_taxonomy_id)
    (wp_term_taxonomy.term_id = wp_terms.term_id)
    ") or die ("Cant fetch data!");

    if (mysql_num_rows($fetch_post_tags) > 0)
    $rowid = 1;

    echo "<table border="1">";
    echo "<caption>WP posts tags</caption>";
    echo "<tr style="background-color: #DDEAD5;">";
    echo "<th scope="col">Post ID</th><th scope="col">Tag</th></tr>";

    while ($blog = mysql_fetch_array($fetch_post_tags))

    if ($rowid == 1)
    echo "<tr><th scope="row">" . $blog['POID'] . "</th>";
    echo "<tr><th scope="row">&nbsp;</th>";

    echo "<td>" . $blog['HOT_TAG_NAME'] . "</td></tr>";


    echo "</table>";
    echo "Found nothing!";

    Please dont kill me.. im no pro coder.. :)

    In reply to: bbSync

    object_id in wp_terms_relationship is that ex. the post id ?

    In reply to: bbSync

    fel: ok.. to bad .. im trying figure out the relationships in the DB , seems complex. Why isnt there a wp_tags table? :) Will you implement it? or should i try do some coding myself?

    In reply to: bbSync

    If i submit a post in wp with tags .. the tags are missing in bbpress. They dont get synced?

    In reply to: bbSync

    hmm ok :) think ill wait and get back to that page later then..

    In reply to: bbSync

    hmm.. posts gets n´s all over them…

    projects. Please check back later for for more news regarding this.
    nCode test
    n n< ?php n// Testing.. n if (function()) n { etc...

    n< ?php
    n// Testing..
    if (function())

    omg sry ..

    add_profile_tab(__(‘Name’), ‘edit_profile’, ‘moderate’, ‘this-file-was-missing.php’);

    So many ppl in this forum .. i can’t breathe ;)

    is somebody working on this plugin ?

    am i doing it right?

    function ed08_tab_add()
    add_profile_tab(__('ED 08'), 'ed08', 'moderate', 'ed08-template.php');
    add_action('bb_profile_menu', 'ed08_tab_add');

    cant get new profile tab/page link to work.. :(

    What does these?

    add_profile_tab(__('Name on tab'), 'whats this?', 'And this?', 'file.php');


    if i call it once in my plugin it will remain until i deactivate it ?


    Add settings?

    bb_update_option('my_options', $options);


    Delete settings?



    Show notice on admin page?

    bb_admin_notice(__('Settings Saved'));

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