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How to Write BBPress Plugins.

  • Is there any docs where I can read up on how to write a plugin for BBPress?

    How hard or easy is it to convert a WP plugin to BBPress?


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  • Not much documentation for bb, but it works exactly the same way as writing plugins for wp. So grab an existing bb plugin or look at the wp documentation:

    It’s often trivial to convert a plugin; you just need to use a slightly different API and change the hooks and filters that you use.

    Thanks Fel64.

    That’s what I ended up doing. I figured out the changes to the function names ect from WP to BB.

    So now I’ve successfully converted the Tiger Sytle Admin and the Admin Drop Menus to BB.

    When I’m finished the last details on them, I’ll make them publicly available. ;-)

    Where should I announce these plugins?

    What does these?

    add_profile_tab(__('Name on tab'), 'whats this?', 'And this?', 'file.php');


    if i call it once in my plugin it will remain until i deactivate it ?


    Add settings?

    bb_update_option('my_options', $options);


    Delete settings?



    Show notice on admin page?

    bb_admin_notice(__('Settings Saved'));

    cant get new profile tab/page link to work.. :(

    am i doing it right?

    function ed08_tab_add()
    add_profile_tab(__('ED 08'), 'ed08', 'moderate', 'ed08-template.php');
    add_action('bb_profile_menu', 'ed08_tab_add');

    omg sry ..

    add_profile_tab(__(‘Name’), ‘edit_profile’, ‘moderate’, ‘this-file-was-missing.php’);

    So many ppl in this forum .. i can’t breathe ;)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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