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  • cleared my cookies… checked i had that plugin working on wordpress…. but it still messes up.

    it’s only on that one example though. it works alright with all the other variations

    i looked at the cookies as i went through it.

    i start with no cookies.

    when i log in to wordpress i get quite a few cookies… two of which start with the phrase “wordpress_logged_in”

    when i log out of bbpress, only one of these cookies disappears. which is presumably why i stay logged in to wordpress.

    can i ask, should there really be two cookies called that? or should there just be one. it seems that wordpress is creating two cookies for everything, one for itself and one for bbpress

    actually… I spoke too soon.

    all of the different combinations work okay apart from this one…

    if i log in through wordpress, but log out of bbpress, i stay logged in to wordpress

    integration works perfectly for me now, with this new version.

    i can log in and out of bbpress or wordpress, and it automatically logs in and out of the other one. i could never get that to work with the last version.

    one tiny little thing though…. i’m not even sure that this is a mistake… but when you go to the log-in screen you always get the “Enter a username” message appear next to the username box.

    I am guessing that that is actually supposed to be an error message, and should only appear if they try amd submit without filling in the box — like it does for the password field

    i fixed the other problem by the way. it was just me being dumb. i didn’t update one of my old templates with some of the new stuff that was added

    can i just ask… are you seeing the ‘Delete’ and ‘Undelete’ link both together, at the same time?

    I am seeing both, when i’m assuming there should only be one

    oh right, well that’s even weirder… because my deleted posts gets deleted. they disappear. they don’t stick around in a new colour.

    but… i’ve just had a look at the source code after i deleted something and you are right, they are still there. and a new style has been added to the

  • tag which says
  • style=”background-color: rgb(255, 51, 51); display: none;”

    is that display:none bit an error? because that is what is making it disappear.

    and also — i’ve just noticed that i get the ‘undelete’ link appear on every single post. even if it hasn’t been deleted. and it’s got a very strange class on it. it says

    class=’dim:thread:post-85:deleted:FF3333:FFFF33:action=delete-post&status=0 undelete-post’

as someone who has used phpbb 2, phpbb3, invision and many other smaller packages i was probably a little bit biased towards forums. but then i started blogging with wordpress, and hence to bbpress.

let me say first of all that i like bbpress. after using those other bloated packages for years, it’s refreshing to get back to what it’s all about: a lightweight forum that’s just for… talking.

but i agree with the guy who wrote the original post. there are some things that a forum package needs. using bbpress straight out of the box is like stepping back in time.

here are my personal bugbears…

1) guests need the ability to post. you can’t build up a forum from scratch without that — it’s near impossible. because no one bothers to sign-up until the forum is relatively busy.

2) you need some kind of permission system. otherwise how can you talk to the other moderators? there is no PM system (which is fine) — but the only way you can do it out of the box is by email. you need to be able to create a forum that only the moderators can see, and other stuff like that.

i haven’t looked at the new version you’re working on, so maybe they are included in the new one. but leaving stuff like that up to the plug-in makers is crazy. Not that the plugins wouldn’t work fine, because no doubt they would — but nobody could be certain that a plugin will still work when a new version comes out. it could potentially wreck the usability of your board.

i think when you leave simple stuff like that out all it does is put off the people who might otherwise be prepared to switch over from packages like phpbb.

i do like bbpress though, and i am still going to carry on using it. …so i say these criticisms with love!

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